What do you think is going to happen when everything Twilight is finished??

What do you think is gonna happen when all the movies, books, and other Twilight merchandise is going to stop or be finished with? Do you think that you will lose your interest? I am personally afraid for everything to stop. I dont think that I would lose my interest because, rereading, the dvd(s), and my fellow Twifans. But it would be so weird, nothing new with Twilight...=( make me sad to think about it.

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I too will be so sad. My heart actually aches when I think about it ending. I can't imagine I'll ever lose interest in Twilight. People who haven't read the series don't understand how it can truly change you. It's so much more than just a book or a movie.Do you agree?
the world will fall and all love will end. i dont know ill probably cry. it changed me and made me think that people are angels that keep u safe and magic is real but then ill enter back into the reel world
OMg me too!

sarah anaya said:
it will be a sad sad sad day for me . ... . but then ill get over it and read the books and watch the movies , maybe by then stephanie will have finished midnight sun and started hopeful on jacob and renesmees' story , i dont know about y'all but i really want to know what happens with them. . . . . . . . .
I don't think I'll ever lose interest in Twilight, it's my first real obsession and I'm not giving it up without a fight! I will probably cry like a typical teenage girl when everything stops lol but I will still be a Twifan afterwards.. x
I would probably still always love twilight.
I love bella & Edward, and wish their story never end ...
midnight sun will come out and apperantly james will come back and kill all of the cullens. according to stephanie meyer
theres isnt anything better than twilight...

Christina shay said:
twilight has changed people...when it all ends who nos wats gana happen...the world will probly end... :( its such a sad thought....isnit it?
I'm really pinning my hopes on Stephanie Meyer taking pity on us and either finishing Midnight Sun or continuing the story with Jacob and Renesmee.
i really don't want to think about it. Twilight gives meaning to my life. I really hope that Stephenie Meyer will continue to writing the books. This story is so different than any other saga or book. I think, that is the real reason why are everybody so much in it.
twilight is life !!!

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