What do you think is going to happen when everything Twilight is finished??

What do you think is gonna happen when all the movies, books, and other Twilight merchandise is going to stop or be finished with? Do you think that you will lose your interest? I am personally afraid for everything to stop. I dont think that I would lose my interest because, rereading, the dvd(s), and my fellow Twifans. But it would be so weird, nothing new with Twilight...=( make me sad to think about it.

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The world will end when everything Twilight is finished.
Oh I know. I will keep reading the books, and watching the movies but it'll be like what now? With nothing new to look forward to I am going to have to get back into the readl world and my piss poor life. LOL So I think I pretty much agree with GabyCullen...the world will end because no one will know what to do with themselves. I honestly think Twilight has changed our generation completely and we can NEVER go back to being the way we all were before. Its crazy I have no idea what I will do with myself after all this is over with but hey at least we will have the movies and the books and our fellow fans to cry with when its all over. =*(
DONT END WORLD!!!!!!!! I'm afraid a little, but the world is not going to end there will always be a bunch of fans the world will fill like it has just begun, hopefully. The twilight fan sites will still be all over the net and Twilight is the biggest world wide thing, like seriocely. Hopefully nothing changes and that everything stays the same all fans screaming and talking and obbsesed about it the whole world will be in love with them and all Twilight. Hopefully, Bye......
owh...thought...i've never thought about that before((... but i don't think i'll loose my interest... I "fell in love" with these books and this movie 'cause i've found a part of me in it... so when everything will be finished ..i mean no more books...no more adaptations...((... i guess i'll miss it too much... but i'll go on living...keeping them and everything that is connected with this in my heart... as a remind of an unfulfilled love...
I'll die. my life will be meaningless. idont want to even think about it. anyway i'll read the saga again and again.
no like everything else ...reruns,reruns,reruns.I've been watching babylon 5 for years and its still as if im watching it for the first time
if that happened, the world would end.
*cries* i can never think of twilight ending!
there have been discussions on various websites as to if Twilight would make a good TV show after Breaking Dawn has been filmed with the storyline based around post-Breaking Dawn. Though I like the idea of a weekly Twilight fix, I don't think it would work without the original actors (as if they would wanna do the TV version) and don't think it would have great quality story lines compared to the books/movies.
i will never forget about twilight, its my life practically everything reminds me of twilight
i think the world will probably end
It makes me sad to even think about it.
it will be a sad sad sad day for me . ... . but then ill get over it and read the books and watch the movies , maybe by then stephanie will have finished midnight sun and started hopeful on jacob and renesmees' story , i dont know about y'all but i really want to know what happens with them. . . . . . . . .

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