I think they both are cool. They care bout bella and stuff. But i like Edward more. He is way diffrent from Jacob.

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Edwards okay. But Jacob is way better!!! He cares about bella and he protects her and he is super hot!
I prefer Edward C. because he can really love Bella FOREVER ( he's immortal),his ethics are impeccable, he knows when to keep his mouth shut and many more.
Edward is a nice guy but JACOB IS WHY BETTER HE IS SEXYER AND LIKE Erika426 said yh i chose jake not edward he is with a blonde girl in remember me
im with liliana rabeca. i prefer EDWARD. Jacob is hot and all but its not all about looks

(U know im already going to put jacob) Im team jake not because hes hot even though he is hot but anyways in the book you can tell he really cares about bella and im glad he imprinted with renesmee b/c if he didnt he would still be mourning over bella and i kinda feel bad for him b4 renesmee b/c bella obviously chooses edward and it kinda p***** me off that jacob would forgive her if she came back to him even after how much she hurt him but i have nothing against bella i think its kinda of funny how shes so stubborn anyways i could talk about this on and on but i think im going to stop now lol ;D TEAM JAKE FOREVER

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