Seeing as New Moon will be on our screens in the not too distant future, I thought this would be a cool discussion.

These are the big scenes I'd like to see in the movie:
- Jasper's attack, obv.
- Bella & Jessica at Port Angeles, when Bells first hears Edward's voice
- Bella and Jake riding motorbikes
- Cliff diving
- Aro being very enthusiastic - seriously, if he's not well casted, I will be so upset

And for slightly smaller parts
- Alice and Edward at human table at school
- The scene when Alice, Edward, and Bella get back from Italy, at the airport, where Alice and Jasper just look at each other; no embracing or kissing or talking, just looking at each other - beautiful!
- Angela and Bella filling out invites and have a chat

What do you not want to see cut in he movie?

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The big ones for me are:
The horror movie (especially the conversation Bella and Jake have while Mike's puking his guts up)
Bella telling Jacob he's "sort of beautiful"
Working on the bikes, and then riding them too.
Can you tell I'm Team Jacob yet? haha
Oh and you mentioned Alice and Edward at the human table... I giggled when I read that, I definitely wanna see that too!
I only want to see robert pattinson shirtless....:P:P:P
Jasper !!!!!!!!!!!!! and Edward at Table
I want to see Edward and Bella get back together. I have been reading that she gets with Jacob, and I don't like that!!! I like Edward!!!
all i can say is idd and agree :P
what you said ! ahah
Jasper, Jasper, Jasper, Jasper, Jasper, Emmett, Emmett, Emmett, Jasper, Jasper, Jasper!


Um, as long as the Jasper attack, the goodbye, the reunion between Jasper and Alice when Alice returns from Italy*, the proposal, and vote is good I won't care. Oh and the Volturi's performance better give me nightmares...chills at the very least.

*This is key for me. Jasper is my favourite character and I absolutely ADORREEE Alice, and pretty much strive for that kind of relationship (I'd like to think my boyfriend and I do a pretty good job of that ;) ) so it's really big for me.
How Bella is torn appart by how Edward left, and just about everything you said. I'm so gonna cry when Edward leaves Bella.

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