Seeing as New Moon will be on our screens in the not too distant future, I thought this would be a cool discussion.

These are the big scenes I'd like to see in the movie:
- Jasper's attack, obv.
- Bella & Jessica at Port Angeles, when Bells first hears Edward's voice
- Bella and Jake riding motorbikes
- Cliff diving
- Aro being very enthusiastic - seriously, if he's not well casted, I will be so upset

And for slightly smaller parts
- Alice and Edward at human table at school
- The scene when Alice, Edward, and Bella get back from Italy, at the airport, where Alice and Jasper just look at each other; no embracing or kissing or talking, just looking at each other - beautiful!
- Angela and Bella filling out invites and have a chat

What do you not want to see cut in he movie?

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Wow, I think you covered most of my main ones, too! Also, I think we can all agree that Bella's pain after "losing" Edward is integral to the book, and should be accurately portrayed in the NM movie. I really, really hope they get the intensity of it across.
For me I'm really looking forward to Italy and Jaspers attack.
Well basically I wish that they could just take the words straight out of the book and put them right on to the screen.
But unfortunately I know that that is not going to happen.

So basically I want everything that you said.
And they better not screw it up!

I dunno how Kristen Stewart is gonna portray Bella's "falling apart and empty" feeling because her acting in Twilight was empty enough already!
Kristen Stewart has just put a big downer on the whole thing for me.

Ohh and I definently definently want to see that whole Alice and Japer private staring into each others eyes moment too. They have a really special bond and I hope they show that.
I think you've all pretty much covered everything!
jacob shirtless lol
kstew's acting....i wanna see how she brings the misery of bella to life
rpatz's acting....bring on the crazy (when he thinks bella is dead)
the volturi
jane's evilness brought to life
I would really like to see the scene where Bella is asleep and Charlie and Alice are talking about how Bella fared when the Cullens were away. I think that is a poignant scene that would really help the movie along.
I think the motorcycles definitely need to stay in.
I want the papercut.
I want the cliff diving.
Jacob climbing into Bella's window and her remembering what he told her.
I totally need to see the vote.
And it would be nice to see Bella and Edward's reconciliation and her thinking that she's dead or asleep.
Plus, I'd like to see Kristen try to hold herself together throughout the movie.
I'm excited about this movie !

1. I want to see Mike N throw up lol ..
2. everything you mentioned and MORE VOLTURRI SCENES ! I can't wait of them !!!
3. And the werewolves
ok so i agree with all that has come before...i would love to see that esp. emphasis on the first and last two chapters of the book. also jacob becoming a werewolf has to be shown just right and the SFX will need to be way better than twilight


is the simple watching romeo and juliet at the beinning, the conversation about suicide, to set the stage for edwards reaction, the vote on bellas mortality and edwards scheme to delay her.. marriage etc. The directors get to talk to Stephenie Meyer and get her input i wish they would use her wonderful mind and the edited out pieces of new moon found on her website. I would be over the moon if they did a few cut scenes so we could also see Edward when he is away from bella...what he says to his family to get them to leave, his reaction immediately after he leaves bella and a scene to show his angst when he left her. The scene that stephenie put online where rosalie rings edward to say bella is dead..that phone call and his face, his pain and reaction would make this film AMAZING and fully rounded. These things are not in the book but stephenie put it on her website and its in her head thus they would properly fill out the film and twilight universe in a more rounded way.

I wish someone could just say to the directer and script writer READ ALL THE BOOKS AND READ THE MISSING CHAPTERS AND SCENES ON STEPHENIES WEBSITE these little extras would show they cared about the film and would give it the all round effect.!!!

fat chance of that though they only ever read the basics..the one book..never see the extra stuff that got edited out or listen to fans...look what happened to the meadow in twilight all but cut and it a key area in all the future films....short sighted much. bah...i just hope they make a full rounded film...listen to stephenie and the fans. much love to all twilight fans and stephenie the genius.
you covred it all i really think that they need to show bella suffering and they really need to show jacob and bellas relationship that is the most important part to new moon if they dont show it then the others wont make sense
I agree with Maaaddi. BUT, to Kristen's credit, she did a good job in Panic Room - unless Jody Foster was carrying her....but I too am curious to see if she can pull off the worst pain we can experience. Has anyone heard anything about what New Moon will actually be about? They can't put every minute detail in. I personally think they can put Jasper snapping at her and the wolf's and her in one hour. I think the 2nd hour, they could even go up to a 2 1/2 hour movie, should be the volturi, the reunion - including the plane ride, the air port - because when Rosalie begs forgiveness seem important to their relationship - they should spend a lot of time on her and him clearing the air and I would like to see the the Cullen vote. I like all the Cullens - all the original actors - and want to see all their scenes from the book into the movies. and the rest of most or all of Eclipse depending on how much detail it goes into. IE we don't need to see graduation but practicing fighting will be good, them being a lone and she agreeing to marry him must be in, then the fight, then New Moon ends amonst wedding preparations. Is anyone scared like me about the change in directors?
I think that you (And everyone else) pretty covered what I would like to see in New Moon.. I would love to see a good portion of the Volterra scenes in there and the little ones.. Alice showing up in her house.. That's not really a little scene but the emotion that it brings out of Bella, I would love to see Kristen tackle. The vote in Bella's mortality has to be in there... I wanna see everyone's reactions to it and I would like to see a semi softer side to Rosalie. And anything involving Emmett, i wanna them to keep.. LOL
this movie has to be longer so much of the story needs to be there for the rest of them to make sense , if they make the others they would have to be long to , and this one the need to explain who the voultri are, they wernt talked about in twilight the movie

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