Not sure if this was already a discussion, but want to know what you want to see in Breaking Dawn. We know the book is split between Bella's story and Jacobs...


What do you want to see happen in Jacob's POV?




How do you think they will split the books to make the two movies?


Which child actor should they pick to play Renesmee?


Should they make the movie 3-D but not the birthing part?


What are your thoughts?



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I want to see the feathers fly in Bella's POV! I always get teary-eyed when I read the part of Seth joining Jacob's pack for the 1st time so cute. All the different vampires that come to witness Renesmee. I don't think they should make it 3D unless they use the same 3D cameras as in Avatar.
I'm not too interested in seeing Jacob's POV. Although, I would like to see the scene where Edward gives Jacob the car and he drives and tries to find someone to imprint on. It really made me feel a level of sympathy for Jacob I hadn't felt before. Seeing Bella want to kill Jacob when she learns who he imprints on...I can't wait to see that too.

I also can't wait to see the honeymoon, of course! And I'm all for pushing that PG-13 envelope! Feathers, skinny-dipping, headboard breaking, bruises, I want it all and then some! :) I also want to see Bella's first hunt, and have her in something slinky and blue silk, and not the turn of the century dress like in NM. I also want to see the whole cast of vamp characters coming to witness Renessme. But more than anything, I want to see Bella preparing for the worst, and the gut-wrenching scenes, where she's getting things ready in order to save their baby. Those scenes ripped my heart out. Oh, I want to see the stone cottage, can't wait for that, and see Bella and Emmett arm wrestle! Please no 3-D, its not necessary.
i dont want 3D kuz i think it'll look cheap......maybe. i dont who for renesmee....... i think they should do all the other vampires ariving like they did all the months for new moon like kind of fast forword and have bella say who they all are and were they are from. but not for the tanya's clan; i think tanya's clan should be like in the book. and like exactlly like the book. they shgouldnt really spit the books kuz i dont wnt 2 wait like another 6 months for the second half of the film. they should just make it like a 3 and half hour film lol. i've seen it (EXAMPLE:avatar) i want the wedding, everything at ilse esme
idea: they could switch frm bellas piont of view to jacob s by when bellas calling rosalie bella could have her back to the camera and we can here her talking and saying "rosalie its bella i need your help" or wutever she says in the book and her voice could fade out out while the camera zooms into her back and it could zoom out and we c jacob and its his piont of view and it goes on like the book. pretty good rihgt? dont answer tht

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