Seriously. Question of the year here! LOL
How can he resist? PLUS does vampires have period?? :P

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Wow, I was thinking the same thing when she realized she was preggers.
And when she wasn't? Like... haha this is a funny question I can't give an answer!
when she don't have them he can't help it. And we she does??
Dunno what he did when she had her period while still human. Guess the smell was a bit stronger coz she actually bled but he resisted?
But about vampires, no they don't have a period that is kinda explained when Bella realises she's pregnant. She sees then that a vampire woman can't get pregnant because their body needs to go through the cyclus and it doesn't coz their body is frozen in the same state forever. There is no ovulating etc.
Someone asked Stephenie Meyer the same question and she said that it didn't really bother him because it was sort of like DEAD blood...If you don't believe me go to her site and under twight click FAQ And then scroll to the bottom where it says twilight lexicon and click it. There sould be a purple list thingy on the side, that says a lot of stuff. Click the one the says
Correspondence with Stephenie and there is a WHOLE bunch of questions she answered personaly, and a few parts of Edward POV that wasn't in the rouch draft. GOO LOOK!
I Found It! Quote! Stephenie Meyer said this

Several girls wanted to know if Edward would have a more difficult time being around Bella when she’s having her period. Answer: Yes, a little bit, but he would never say anything about it–much too much of a gentleman. And Bella would be way to embarrassed to ask. (It’s not the same as a cut, though. It’s sort of "dead" blood, if you get my meaning).
WOW cant blv you asked THE question. umm well i GUESS he has a little bit more of a strugle. but . . . umm well . . . if you ask mee i say that its gross. I meen rly dont all guys have issues with that? my boyfreind does. and if hes the onley one im gonna kill him. but he still acts almost the same. helps me out like hes suposed to. so yeah. hmm

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