What do you think Edward truly meant by saying : "It will be as if I never
tell me what this quote means to you...

i think edward ment by that like i think your life will be better if you dont remember
who i am or was.. you should live your life how you would have lived it if you
didnt meet me... thats why i think he ment by that

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I think you are right. I think he was trying to say that not only did he remove all physical evidence that he existed, but he wanted her to forget he existed. As if she could...
More than that, I think he's wishing that he himself never existed. He was probably in lots of denial for putting Bella in all of that danger and he was probably also saying that he shouldn't have ever existed at all especially for her.
ghchick13 i like how u think... i posted this cuz i wanted to see what other people think and i get what your saying lol i love knowing how other people think about quotes!
'It will be as if I never existed'... This quotes, for me, means that he loves her so much that he wants her to be happy... and lived as if she never met him... which is kind of impossible... but he loves her enought to give her that!
That's my opinion!
Jess' Martins
It's obvious that it took Edward a lot of will power to leave Bella. I mean, sure it was a huge mistake, but Edward didn't know any better. he's never been in love before, never had to make these kind of decisions. He thought it was the right thing to do, and never really thought, "What if she can't forget me? What I hurt her, like I didn't mean to hurt her?" Of course, having no expreience, he didn't know that. This quote to me means, that he was trying to convince himself really that he could leave Bella, as well as make sure she had a completley human life. He was trying to change what had already happened, but never really thought that they were meant to be together, more that, his love for her just happened, and had never meant to happen. In other words, Edward hates the fact that he exists, and needs to get over it.
This is one of the better quotes from Edward. It's not superficial and the emotion behind it is very powerful. He loves her enough, if not more, to let her go. Edward said many times over that he is too selfish, but here we have a quote that goes against that notion. You can almost say this is the quote that sums up the second book because for several chapters in New Moon you get a glimpse of what life would have been like for Bella after Edward.

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