My aunt asked me one day a long time ago "Have You read the twilight series?" I had not heard anything about it and It got me interested in reading them but I had no idea I'd like them as much as I did! What got you reading them ?


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Replies to This Discussion first i didnt care about twiight, it never caught attention in my life until my sister invited me to watch the twilight movie dvd then at that moment i saw the cullens i was pulled in to the story.. My sister started to buy me the new moon book which started to frenzy me out *laughs* fact: i never had a twilight book 1 in all my collection *laughs* weird right? :D
I got in to twilight books right after i saw new moon at the movies  but i saw twilight on dvd then Frist i read eclipse then breaking dawn then new moon then twilight lol
well , when the novels came out 2005-2008..i didnt hear about them even when they turned twilight in to a movie..i saw twilight the first time in was the first time it comes out in tv..i loved it sooo much and i knew about the novels..i got them of course...reading them again and again until now...i become soooo much obsessed with twilight saga...i dont know wht to do when the movies finally finished...*sad*..

I was in year 10 and now i am in college. But i still remeber the first time i picked up Twilight. 

I was sat in English and we was told to pick up a book we wanted to read for the weekend. I picked some books but then a silky cover glistened at the bottom. I reached down and picked up the mysterious unknown book. That was when i knew i had to take that book home. I was enlightened and quickly set home to read it. Couldnt put it down for days. The book was late back to my school :D xx

Well.... i saw the movie -just because everyone was talking about how insanely handsome Edward was- and i loved it... but that was it... and i bought the books... but i didn't read them... until my mom began to read them, and that's when i began reading the books... lol
Back at Christmas 2007 my sister-in-law told me about them. She knows that I love to read and suggested them to me. She was loved them & was obsessed so I knew they had to be good because she is NOT a reader. (She couldn't even read Harry Potter.) She told me a little about them that it was a story about a vampire who falls in love w/a human girl. But that it was not your "normal" idea of vampires. And so I decided I need to read them. And lucky for me a couple weeks later I got the flu & was stuck home so I read TW-EC (BD was not out yet.) But I didn't get really obsessed until when BD came out later that year in August I read BD & was like wow I forgot a lot of stuff I need to read the series again. (It had been 8 months.) So I reread the whole series in a week (I had no life! lol) and loved them I reread the series 2 more times in a month. I became obsessed! I had to force myself to read other books. And now I am obsessed w/anything & everything Twilight related.

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