Macon and I took the first plane home that night. When we disembarked, at home in our Seattle appartment at last, alice was waiting for us with a new friend. Her name was Annabeth, and she was a foreign exchange student from Rome, just like me from Argentina. She had almost no accent at all, and I felt silly with my heavily accented speech. I was still fluent in Spanish, and I wanted to see mi familia soon, for I was quite scared. Alice and Annabeth drove us home, and Carlisle and my adoptive  mama and papa, Bella and jacob, who had divorced years ago, were waiting for me. My stomach flipped, and I retired to run to the bathroom but only made it to the sink, where everyone watched in horror as I threw up for fifteen minutes, and when I was done, Carlisle took me to the hospital in seattle, because he believed that I was dying. They hooked me up to a IV since I could not eat, and alice sat and cried tearlessly in a chair next to my bed. "Scarlett, I want you to know that I love you. No matter what happens, I am here for you." Macon whispered in my ear when they brought in the sonogram machine to see if I had a tumor somewhere. They made Macon leave, and I cried. They did the sonogram, and the doctor smiled. I was relieved, but I was still scared. The doctor looked at her papers, scribbled something on it, and then turned to regard me. "Scarlett, no need to worry. There is only good news. I am happy to tell you, you are pregnant." "no, no, I, I can't be. I used the pill." "the pill is not 100% effective. Just ask your parents." a tear dripped down my cheeks. I couldn't have a baby. What would mi familia think? "Scarlett, it seems here that you are almost three months along. Would you like to know the gender?" "yes." "alright. Well, it looks like its, a- oh my, it's twins! A boy and a girl!" I full on cried. The nurse invited Macon in, and told him the "good" news. He was actually excited. He went outside the hospital to tell the crowd of my friends and family that had gathered the good news. I heard a crash, and lots of screaming. Then, I saw a mangled lump of a human rushed in, and in the midst, a shock of blonde hair. It was macon. "NO!" I screamed, and ran to him. "MACON!" I ran along with the gurney, and into the triage room. They made me sit outside, and after a while a nurse came out holding a clipboard. "I'm sorry, mrs. Johnson, your  husband did not survive being hit by that ambulance. I'm afraid that he is dead."

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