What human traits and what vampire traits does Renesmee have?

I know Nessie is half human and half vampire but i was wondering a few things about her


1) Does she ever need human minutes, since she sleeps like a human do u think she needs to do other things meaning using the washroom, shower....


2) Will she ever be able to have children?? if so that means she needs to menstrate so how can she be around her family?


3) Why do you think she doesnt sparkle, she is strong like a vampire but she does not sparkle so she had human skin??


i know im reading into this alot but thpught it would be a fun discussion:)


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well , i think ya she can have human mintues like the washroom, shower....she is half human..she can eat food , drink if she want and she can use bathroom. and ya i think she can have kids..she is changing and her body grow up .i asked this question before here in forums..and she is sparkle too..but not like vampires, human eyes cant see that , only vampires eyes..see page 522 , 523...
I think she will need "human minutes" because she sleeps and can eat normal food and is able to try like a human... I think she will be able to have babies because her body changes and she is still alive not like the vampires that are frozen in time. Also I don't think Jacob would have imprinted on her if she wasn't able to reproduce because they are supposed to imprint to make the strongest wolfs. She does sparkle a little they say more like a shimmering

vamp- a little sparkley; drinks blood; durrable; fast; strong; extra mental ability

human- brown eyes; sleeps; eats food; can walk in the sun without drawing attention; high body temperature; yes she must go potty cuz she eats regular food, so to me anything that goes potty must wash;as for the whole reproductive thing i have no clue.

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