So i know that Bella and Edward marry , have a baby and live happily ever after , but im that kinda person who wonders what if ... So i bring this question up what if in eclipse Bella chose Jacob instead of Edward ( I know its not possible , also i love edward ) what would have been different besides the fact that she would be alive and live and died . . i mean would they have gotten married and had a kid or since jacob didnt imprint yet , would he leave bella when he imprints on someone . . but that also got me thinking since jacob imprinted on renesmee . . if renesmee was never born would that mean jacob wouldnt imprint on anyone and live a happy life with bella ? ? ?

I know im babbling alot but i am curious . . seriously . .. what do y'all think would have happend

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i think that bella would've probably got hurt or be in danger, as jacob isn't the most self-controlled of all people and is constantly crushing her into hugs. also, bella is extremely clumsy and is always falling over, and all the werewolves could be really dangerous. i think she would probably end up like emily, until jacob imprints on someone and her heart gets broken.

thats my thoughts :).
I think that's exactly what would have happened. When Jacob kisses Bella just before the New Born fight, she had a sort of vision where she saw herself in La Push chasing after two raven haired children while Jacob watched over them. I think that would have been her life. If she had lived in another world.. a world without vampires... a world without Edward. Thank God that world doesn't exist! LOL
Now here's a scary thought...

If Bella chose Jacob and they had a child .... what if .... he imprinted on his own child ?!?!

They say the wolfpack have no choice on who they imprint on - but this scenario - ewww!
sorry couldnt even think of it.edward and bella just make the cutst couple eva
I dont think Bella would ever be able too forgive herself if she chose Jake. I mean, we all know how she reacted in the tent when Edward found out that she kissed Jacob. If for some reason they did end up together then I dont think they would get married for a long time.
I think, that they would be happy together and he would be trying to stop being a werewolf ...
they´ll get married someday (perhaps) and have a lot of cute tan children ...
yeah, and die someday ...
Funny you say that...

I always wondered what that would be like too!

I found this online fan-fiction by this really good author that decided to write what would happen if Alice never saw Bella jumping off the cliff and the Cullens never coming ... how Jacob and Bella's relationship grows... and becomes very strong..

its very good story.. but ... rated NC17 for some reasons.. lol...

Also... I think that if Bella chose Jacob in the end.. she would have been imprinted on eventually.. that was the reason he could not imprint on her... she had Edward.. but if he was gone FOR GOOD... Jacob would have for sure imprinted and they both would have lived happily ever after.... I think. :)
she would be dead cuz in new moon the Volturi told edward that he has to turn her into a vampires or they could kill her
i think tht bella wudnt be a whole person again (if tht makes sense) cos i think a part of her will always love edward but another part of her wud love jacob but in a different way, like she said in the book. so if for some weird reason bella cud get over all her feelings for edward and choose jacob tht they wud mayb get married but i dont think she wud have been as happy as she was if she married edward. just my opinion...
i think she would always have feelings for edward but then if renesmee wasnt born i think their relationship wont be like what they expected
she will propably be unhappy!!!i thing bella and edward are made for euch other!!!
well in the book jacob only loved bella because he was destined to be with renesmee so he would stick around i mean if he was just a friend like jacob is like she is just a family friend well destiny kept them together so he could imprint on bella. and bella chose jacob i think he wouldnt imprint on anybody else.

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