If I had Dr. Carisle as a doctor, I think i might be getting hurt most of time lol!!! XD
but tell what you would in the same situatuion and if your bold what kind of doctor would he be for you? lol!!!!

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I think it would be kind of hard for him to be my doctor...haha it's always uncomfortable when you have a handsome doctor ;)
cool thanks for replying and i get what you mean lol :)
haha id definatley be going to casualty more often than usual (which is btw quite often) haha probz be a bit akward thou id be gawping at him all tym xx
thanks so much for replying
That's not what concerns me.But If he was my g/f's Doctor I'd be worried.Cause I wouldn't stand a chance lol.That's right,I admit that lol
Isn't he wonderful ~ and it's a good thing I'm not the jealous type LOL
thanks for your replys friends :)
if Carlisle was my doctor I would ask him if he´s sure that he didn´t hide Edward´s secret twin brother somewhere. lol
If Carlisle was my doc. I'd go to the doctor regularly like you're supposed to lol and I'd feel totally safe cuz u cant get a better doc than Carlisle :) I dont think I'd be swooning or nervous; it would just be cool
Maybe I'd stop being so scared shitless of hospitals? lol
he is a good doctor,very fast and accurate
I should be his attentive nurse.

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