What is love?

Is it fantasy or is it real? I have had many guys say that they love me, but I only really believed one of them. My current boyfriend now. I want to say it back, but I dont know if I really do feel it or if it is just a really strong like. Someone help please.
I need advice my fellow Twilighters.

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That's a very good question. Have you distinguished your relationship as an infatuation? Or do you feel something in the pit of your stomach telling you to commit yourself? Love should be... when a person is 100% honest with the other, able to tell your darkest secret, to be yourself without wearing a mask to hide the real you. When you're in his arms, you should feel safe and protected. There should be a unique bond between you and him, like he is your everything. Love isn't fantasy, though it may seem like it sometimes. Remember this, a males mind matures slower than a females. Most boys will say "I love you" just to get you to fall for it, meaning they really don't mean it. When you think you've found your one and only guy, then pray. I'm not kidding you either, it works if your serious. Hope it helps. *wolf wink*
if you feel like saying it back, then say it. First thing you need to do is figure out what exactly you feel. it's not hard, you just need to think about it. it'll help very much if you talk about it with your best friend. my advice is: figure out what you feel about him (if you feel attraction, affection etc) and then if you find out that you actually love him, say it back and also show it to him.
i don't know if this can help you, i'm just telling you what i did when i had that delimma.
i hope it helps you as well........
Thanks for the advice. It really does help, but what is everyone elses definition of love?
Love is... to think about him all the time, to feel the need to be with him, to care too much about him, to feel worried everytime he does not phone you back;
If he is away you really miss him and can't stand the feeling of being apart for too long.
When you love someone you want to be near him all the time, you love his smile, his laughter, his voice, his smell... everything about him is wonderful.
You feel the need to touch and to be touched... to kiss and to be kissed... to hug and to be hugged.
You can't sleep well at night 'cause you're thinking about him, what's he doing, what does he think about you...
Love is an enormous feeling and you'll know that you found it when your heart beats too fast... and that's not all, it's just a part of being in love. What do you think about this?
Thanks you for the post.

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