What Is Ur Favorite Scene From Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn?

I Was Just Wonder What Everyone Elses Favorite Scenes From Each Book Was. My Favs Are: Twilight~ The Meadow Scene...New Moon~ When They Get Back From Italy & Edward Tries To convince Bella That She Is Awake... Eclipse~ I Liked 2. When Bella Agrees To Marry Edward & The Fire & Ice Chapter... Breaking Dawn~ I Liked 2 On This One As Well. Where Bella Attacks Jacob For Imprinting On Her Daughter & Where Bella Is Arm Wrestling With Emmett..hehehe I Loved That Part...

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Ok....here we go...
Twilight - Where Bella tells Edward that she knows hes a Vamp,but it doesnt matter.
New Moon - Where Bella doesnt want to go to sleep,cause she's affraid Edward might dissapear & he has to convince her he will never leave her again!!
Eclipse - Where Edward goes on his knee & tells Bella that they are now engaged
Breaking dawn -1. Where Bella wakes up (as a vamp) and she hugs Edward & almost chrushes him
2. Where Bella wants to fight Jacob,cause he imprinted on Reneesme
3. Where Edward can finally hear Bella's thoughts

Ahh....Now I just wanna read it all over again!!!
twilight: when bella said "stupid silver volue driver"...that was funny..New Moon...when bella saved edward of course..Eclipse...when they were in the tent talking about their fave moments....and BD ...when Bella found out that Jacob Imprinted on her daughter....I laugh so hard.....
OMG!! All same exept i replace the imprinting with alice coming back. they say hre name at least five times in a row. LOL!
My favorite scene from Twilight is where Edward spins his Volvo to rescue Bella from those guys and then tells her to get in the car and then spins it around, I love how he looks. He is so angry that those guys were going to hurt her. I love how protective of her,

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