Whats your favorite Stephenie Meyer book?

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Breaking Dawn is my favorite but I love them all.
i love all her books...i loved the twilight series and although the host wasn't on the same level as twilight saga
(come on it supposedly an adult book but there was even less sexual tension and romance scenes than twilight...also the action didn't move quick enough, feling staged and at times stagnant, while the psychology and development of the relationships and feelings werent developed as much as the twilight saga i felt.although the general story, imagination and imagery was good.) i did like it too.

i loved breking dawn the most..the wedding, the honeymoon, the pregnancy, the psychology, edwards pain, the birth, turning bella, the hunting, renesme, jacob and the new pack, all the new vamps, the volturi stand off..and the wonderful end. I just can't understand how ppl didn't like it, it was passionate, romantic, action packed, psychological and engaging.

HOWEVER that said....

from what i have read of midnight sun...it is WONDERFUL..the psychology, the conflict, the passion it amazing..the anticipation is killing me.... if it was finished (pls god one day) i would say it was my favourite but seen as it has to be a completed book..its breaking dawn.
Twilight or Eclipse
Breaking Dawn
breaking dawn
It's so hard to choose. I really love Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. It's a tie.
I loved all of them but Breaking Dawn is my favorite because of The Wedding, The HONEYMOON...hmmm, and When Bella gets pregnant and then has Reneesme, when Edward turns her and when they finally get to experience wholly the physical aspect of actually being able to touch each other. Love it alot!!!
My fav book by stephanie meyer would have to be breaking dawn because that's when bella turned into a vampire.and had her baby.
totes love them all! but breaking dawn was the best and my all time fave
Breaking Dawn has to be my favourite... I can't wait for it to be portrayed in a movie!
Eclipse hands down =)

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