What is Your Favourite Book? Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse or Breaking Dawn?

I Love them all and the all made me cry but new moon made me cry the most soo i think that one is my favourite one but breaking dawn is soo sweet and eclipse is pretty good too and twilight rocks my world haha but which one do you think its the best one?

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1. Eclipse! it's my favorite!!!!!! it has some of my favorite Edward and Bella scenes
2. Breaking Dawn. i don't know why some people didn't like it, but i loved it
3. Twilight=awesome
4. New Moon. I only liked it from Volterra to the end. Team Edward.
Breaking Dawn all the way. By far my fav.
I love ALL of them!! ( of course )
But my FAVORITE is breaking dawn (L) (L)
My first is probably breaking dawn:)
I dont understand why people hated it,its got all the main points of a love story: getting married,having a child and getting to stay together forever and in edwards and bellas case,literally together forever:)But i didnt really like the jacob chapter:@
Then Twilight and Ecipse are a tie cos twilight is where it all staarted off and its just so sweet:) and eclipse was amazing with all the bella and edward scenes especially chapter 20:) Then New Moon last for obvoius reasons but still my fave chapter out of the whole series is in it which is the truth chapter:) i sobbed like a baby when i read that:D

Eclipse was the best one.

I know alot of people will disagree with me on this.But what depressed me about Breaking Dawn(and,ultimately the entire saga) was that Edward turned Bella-the one thing he swore he would never do.And,by doing so,he went against everything he and the Cullens believe in and stand for and did exactly what he was affraid of doing-he jeopardized his and Bella's soul.I know what you all are thinking-She was dying and,by Edward turning her,they will be able to spend eternity with eachother.Well,maybe so.But what happens at the END of eternity?The world won't last forever.Vampires,of all people,know that.And what is the point of spending eternity with the one you love if it is in a place where love does not exsist(Hell)?And,even before she was dying, from the moment she met Edward,she chose to be turned and discarded her soul.So the fact that Edward turned her to "Save her life" is irrelavent. Her decision was made from the very beginning.She put Edward above God and her eternal soul. And,as a Christian,I think that is wrong. Even if Bella had died, Edward and the Cullen's would still have been able to redeem themselves-Something Carlisle faught for so long to do.On top of that, they still had little Nessie. Edward and Bella would still have lived on through her.After all,that is what children are all about-a peice of each parent living on.THAT is TRUE immortality.Back to the Cullen's and their search for redemption.Of course,as a Christian, I don't believe Carlisle or the Cullens would ever find redemption no matter how pure they tried to be. The bible makes it clear that is not through works but by faith in Jesus Christ that we are saved.We can't BUY redemption/salvation.And I know alot of you will say "Stephenie Meyer never meant for the story to be looked at this way." But the fact that she puts so much emphasis on the exsistance and importance of the soul leaves the story open to be looked at from this perspective.She began the story giving vampires a soul,a conscience and a sense of conviction.But,in the end, none of it paid off.What were they trying to be so pure for if EVERYONE was going to end up being vampires anyway?Stephenie Meyer failed put across the point that I believe she was trying to make-That no matter who you are or what youve done,everyone has a chance for redemption. But not through good deeds.

Oh,and another thing,Breaking Dawn was SO anti-climactic. They spend 2 chapters trying to decide whether or not they are going to kill Nessie or let her live.And there isn't even a battle.




Breaking Dawn all the way. It's my absolute favorite! :D

ECLIPSE and BREAKING DAWN (though it breaks my heart to see edward get married to bella *sniff, sniff*)  :D
  • breaking dawn is my fav...
  • eclipse
  • twilight
  • newmoon...everytime i read it, it makes me cry..
BD because the wadding and the baby

Stini said:
BD because the wadding and the baby
breaking dawn ...

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