Hello everyone I am Brandy. I just became a fan of Twilight. My friends got me in to this. I don't see that many people here. I was wondering what your Twilight story is how did you all get in to this?
Besides twilight I like taylor swift, 1d.
what about you all?

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I only got into this series recently myself. I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 the. day it was released on dvd. Since I started with the last movie I had to watch all of them so I understood what was going on. After watching the first movie I was definitely hooked. I had to then read all of the books. I just fell in love with this love story.

I became a fan after i watched eclipse for the 1st time. I stumbled acrossed this site hoping to find other fans like me because my friends like the movies but don't love them like i do.

When I first decided to read Twilight for the first time ever I was in the school library at lunch time, I declared to my friend "I declare I will read the twilight series!" And then she was like "Good luck with that..." After I read the first book I was addicted! I watched the movie for the first time after I had read the book and I found it was the start of me being a Twihard :P :)
I got into it when it was first released, though I only read the first book. Then it became really popular in school and I started reading the rest of the books.

I, as well, have only recently become a fan. And, by recently, I mean as of yesterday. I learned about the short films that are being created as prequels, I suppose, and wanted to learn more about the story. As I didn't feel like going out and getting the book, I watched the movies. So far I have watched all of them except for Breaking Dawn part 2. Twilight is fantastic!! It actually terrified me for many years after I saw it the first time, but now I'm obsessed. I can't wait to watch the final movie, and start reading the books!

Hi there, i am new to this website. I first read twilight a few months before the first film was to be released and fell in love. I got my two best friends hooked on the series, and i still love the books and films just as much as i did as i was younger. I am transitioning from College to Uni (I live in the UK) and i decided that i would get online in hopes to talk a little bit to other fans. So yeah, i love Twilight and besides that i am a big fan of P.C Cast and fanfiction. 

in 2009, I was at a friends house and she chose a random movie for us to watch, the first time wasn't too interesting because I wasn't paying proper attention. But the second time I watched it, I was instantly hooked. I have been ever since. My obsession doesn't just stop with the books and movies. It also goes into posters, merchandise such as jewellery, clothing etc, fanfictions and I even write my own fanfictions too! TEAM EDWARD! 

Haha :)

It is  a good movie :)

I know, I have way to many posters and fanfiction with no where to put it ^.^

I have to admit that while I love Edward I'm team Carlisle for the win ^.^

Is the jewellery good? I've been looking online but I wonder what its like.

Have you posted any fanfiction on fanfiction.net? If so would you send me the link so I can read your stuff?

It's super nice to meet someone still so in love with the series :)

My students were raving about the release of New Moon, the movie, at the time. They told me a bit of the Twilight storyline without spoiling it for me! (I had heard of Twilight as a novel, back in 2005-2006 when the American Library Association talked about it, but I thought it was a story for very young readers --so I never tried reading it! Stupid me! Smiles!) So, I read Twilight; and I was smitten!! Next, I devoured New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn over that Christmas break, and joined The Twilight Saga.com website. ( I miss that website very much, and made some friends there. I wish Hatchette books had given everyone some polite warning before shutting the site down, so people could exchange emails, addresses, etc of each others' friends!) Luckily, I now have a dear friend from Australia via that site, and she now is a member of TwiFans. We stay in touch via emails, about our lives and on-going Twilight happenings to its cast, directors, etc.

Twilight wasn't just Stephanie Meyer's dream…I think it was a vision, to teach some very beautiful lessons about life, love and getting along with others. The world and its troubles yearned for something to ease those troubles for a while; All the world's fairytales talk about things that couldn't happen in real life. Twilight fulfills as a safe escape  ---a charming, modern fairy tale which discusses real life perspectives.

Book and movie critics, etc may still/always dislike The Twilight Saga; let's continue to ignore that negativity. 

I think, what these critics can't handle the MOST, is that we Twihards all over the world are unafraid and honestly willing to just let go of reality and for a few precious moments, we believe: that a beautiful teenage girl could, with disregard for danger, love a male teenage vampire who believed he could never be loved for himself ---and who wanted to love one special girl in return; that his vampire family could grow to love that teenage girl too; that this vampire family might be your own "next-door" neighbors (Although their vampire nature made them dangerous, they were kind and good, yet never got too friendly --in order to keep you alive! You never realized it, but now that you know their secret, you would never tell a soul!) and, that there's a secret world of vampires and werewolves that might be going about everyday life simultaneously with our world!!

I love Twilight fan fiction at FictionPad.com, Twilighted.net and Fanfiction.com. The 7 new Storytellers' Extended Stories of The Twilight Saga on Facebook are incredible, too!!

I love The Twilight Saga!! What an incredible and fun escape!!! 

Hello my name is Angel. I got into the movies first. When they started showing that Twilight was coming out I just had to watch it and I have been hooked every since that. I have managed to collect all the movies and all the books. Plus I have other Twilight Saga stuff as well.

I think your right! It does teach some incredible lessons which not many people outside the fandom really take notice of (in the film.) It is a wonderful escape, and I miss the fandom allot to ^.^

Hey Angel! The movies were incredibly awesome! Had you read the books before seeing the films? I know what you mean, I have way to many posters than I can count ^.^

I think Twilight is garbage, I came to debate fans over battles with the Hellsingverse and the Twilightverse

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