Hello everyone I am Brandy. I just became a fan of Twilight. My friends got me in to this. I don't see that many people here. I was wondering what your Twilight story is how did you all get in to this?
Besides twilight I like taylor swift, 1d.
what about you all?

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I only got into this series recently myself. I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 the. day it was released on dvd. Since I started with the last movie I had to watch all of them so I understood what was going on. After watching the first movie I was definitely hooked. I had to then read all of the books. I just fell in love with this love story.

I became a fan after i watched eclipse for the 1st time. I stumbled acrossed this site hoping to find other fans like me because my friends like the movies but don't love them like i do.

When I first decided to read Twilight for the first time ever I was in the school library at lunch time, I declared to my friend "I declare I will read the twilight series!" And then she was like "Good luck with that..." After I read the first book I was addicted! I watched the movie for the first time after I had read the book and I found it was the start of me being a Twihard :P :)
I got into it when it was first released, though I only read the first book. Then it became really popular in school and I started reading the rest of the books.

I, as well, have only recently become a fan. And, by recently, I mean as of yesterday. I learned about the short films that are being created as prequels, I suppose, and wanted to learn more about the story. As I didn't feel like going out and getting the book, I watched the movies. So far I have watched all of them except for Breaking Dawn part 2. Twilight is fantastic!! It actually terrified me for many years after I saw it the first time, but now I'm obsessed. I can't wait to watch the final movie, and start reading the books!

Hi there, i am new to this website. I first read twilight a few months before the first film was to be released and fell in love. I got my two best friends hooked on the series, and i still love the books and films just as much as i did as i was younger. I am transitioning from College to Uni (I live in the UK) and i decided that i would get online in hopes to talk a little bit to other fans. So yeah, i love Twilight and besides that i am a big fan of P.C Cast and fanfiction. 

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