What part of The Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie is your FAVORITE???

i have a lots of favorite there , to be honest, the movie itself,
but i love THE TENT SCENE.. you know when jacob said to EDWARD that he's hotter than him...
I really love that part..


Dismembering VICTORIA....


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The whole movie was awesome...

but 3 favorites were

the scene in the bedroom at the Cullen house when Edward ask Bella to marry him again and she says yes the expression on Edwards face is priceless

and the fight between Edward and Victoria

and the Battle in the field
The fight scene, because of the action and the tent scene because well it was just awesome
When Bella punches Jake (her expression is hillarious), then after that when Jacob is explaining what happened. "I kissed Bella. And she broke her hand. By punching my face." May not be word for word, but I love it :)

Jasper's story.

The tent scene. "I am hotter than you." and "If you weren't planning on sucking the life out of the girl I love, I might... No. Not even then." are two of the best quotes in the movie.

After the fight when Bella is at Jacob's house. She says, "...Until my heart stops beating." Then he replies with "Maybe even then." ♥

And my *absolute* favorite: When Bella asks Jacob to kiss her and finally realizes that she is in love with Jake too. It always makes me cry. I don't know why, it just does.

Ohhh, and "What damn army?". Is it just me or does Taylor's voice sound even more amazing when a curse word is coming out?? :)
Jasper's fight training with Alice. Definitely my favourite. It was just THAT cute.
these are my favs :D

-the leg hitch/proposal scene :) that was just HOT :D

-fight training :) Jasper was mega hot during that scene "dont hold back" :P OMG!!

-the first meadow scene it was soooo sweet and hot :P

-the tent scene it was just awsome

-edward fighting victoria :D

and the alice and jasper fight bit :) so sweet :)
i basically loved the whol movie. but the best ones i think was the campfire scene (because boo boo aka seth was in it). jasper backstory (because i love jackson!!). when bella punched jacob, the whole theater was laughing, and then when jake was explaining to charlie what happened, i was almost crying with laughter. but i think the proposal scene was sooo cute. i loved that one.

i loved this movie just how it is, but i probably would have had the bella/jacob fast-forward as one of my favorites, if they had put it in the movie, just saying. (:

-the proposal scene....edward looked so happy!

-bella and jacob kissing scene (the second time)

-when edward set victoria on fire
when Edward proposed in the middle of the film to marry Bella and she accept ....
well i loved the proposal scene , the fight scene and the" i'm still a virgin" scene that one was hiarious
The fight, no doubt. Jaspers and Rosalies life stories and the kiss Alice and Jasper share.
My favorite scene was in edwards bedroom when he asks bella to marry him and he makes his speech!! EPIC!! Love you Robert forever and always!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
The tent scene is annoying, I don't like Jacob. He's so menacing and irritating.
I like the practice fight scene the best. Where Jasper is telling everyone how to defeat the newborns, and Emmett gets dragged on the ground, gets up and shouts 'Again' and the song playing then is cool :) The meadow scenes are really nice too, oh and the scene when Bella agrees to marry Edward and 'My Love - Sia' is playing. :)

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