What Scene from Eclipse would u Like to see in the Movie?

I'd like to see the Scene where Bella punches Jacob for kissing her and she Breaks her Hand..I thought that was so funny.
I'd also like to see the Scene where Alice kidnaps Bella for a sleepover so she can't go see Jake and She Calls Edward and Says " You are in big trouble.. Grizzly bears are gonna look Tame compared on whats waiting for you a home."
and the Scene when Bella finds out that Jake isn't aging and she gets mad and stomps her foot and Jake says "Did u Seriously just stomp your foot.. I thought girls only did that on Tv.
and the part at the very End where Bella and Edward are in the Meadow and Bella says "Its a good thing your bulletproof...Im going to need that ring its time to tell Charlie"

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I would love to see the scene where Bella asks Charlie, "Dad, don't you have a baseball bat somewhere in your room? I want to borrow it for a minute." I would also like to see the fight training scene between Alice and Jasper, where Jasper is trying to put Bella's mind at ease about Alice being in the fight.
i would want to see everything except the fight scene. i have this vision in my head and i dont want it to be disturbed. i would love to see the scene where edward demonstrates the "advantages" to the bed. eclipse is my favorite book in the series.
,., i like the bed scene

,., hahaha
I would love to see Bella punch Jacob, the Compromise chapter scene, the part where Rosalie tells her story, when Edward and Bella are sharing their favourite nights and the part when Bella goes to tell Alice she can plan her wedding.
i would like to see the night before the big fight cause i find that's where bells&edward's relationship evoles into something bigger then twilight and new moon,and i'm interested to see if it's in eclipse or is summit going to omit that sceen
i want to see carlisle and esme kick ass
Yeah, that would be great!
I think everything in Eclipse is my fave scene...especially when Bella punches Jacob.
When bella punches jacob and when edward talks to jacob after i dont know why but i think that is so funny
The scene i'm really hoping they keep is any scene where bella is trying to get edward to sleep with her especially in chapter 20. Compromise i found it hilarious in the book just picturing it all in my head it would be great to see it onscreen.
I totally agree with you, there the most funny scenes id love to see them also the scene where Bella escapes to go see jacob and when shes driving to Angelas she see the volvo behind her and the scene where the comes to school on the motorbike :) cnt wait
HAHA!!..Those are all the scenes I would Like to see also....I couldn't think of anymore at the time

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