personally i love the whole movie but if i HAD to choose i would say the credits since the movie is over

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Yeah, but in the DVD extras, it shows that scene with James hanging from one of the rafters, and his body is pretty danged nice. His muscles look like he actually does physical work, in addition to the weight training. A man whose musculature is from work is way more alluring than one who spends hours in the gym doing repetitive lifts that perform no work, and are just for vanity's sake.

Tesha Alise Cullen said:
well, of course, who doesn't love the whole movie? but I have to admit, the scene where we get our first good look at James, Victoria and Laurent just before they eat Waylon. Poor Waylon, (buttcrack Santa) he was a cutie. but I just don't like that scene, and I alway FF thru the DVD when it comes to that one.
The scene I can't stand is the one where Edward has Bella on his back and races up the hill. I know they were really short budgeted in the first movie, but that was just pathetic. It looked like they had him on a dolly and were just dragging him up the hill. That is the one scene I have heard most jokes about.

Other than that, I loved the entire movie, absolutely to pieces. I didn't mind the sparkly skin look. It worked for me.

From a horticulturist's point of view, the meadow scene was a little embarassing. It looked like they took blue pastic flowers and stuck them in the ground. On the other hand, the forests in and around Forks were absolutely gorgeous.
That was so hard. In the book (and BB does a perfect job portraying it in the movie) Charlie so much wants to build a relationship with Bella. He's missed her so much, and in the movie, when he looks at her, you can see the hesitancy but an aching, too.

To tell you the truth, that scene hurt me more than the scene in NM when Edward left Bella. But I have a daughter, so the Charlie scene probably hit a little closer to home.

But the scene where Bella leaves Charlie was done very, very well.

Kimberly Ann said:
Mimi is so right! When Edward says, "Say it, out Loud" and Bella replies, "Vampire" I cringe....

But in our house, we fast forward when Bella packs her bag to leave Charlie, to get James to follow her. I feel Charlie's pain, and it is so frustrating!

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