what songs do u think will be good for new moon ? and which artists should be in the cd ?

I think that the song "your not sorry "by taylor swift ,why its a kinda sad song and when edward leaves I think it would be perfect, and also her other song "breathe", why its good because bella cant breathe when edwards gone .and for the artists want to be in the cd I think more paramore because I so luv them , more muse , the veronicas , and evananecense. and many more but right now Im still thinking :)

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well, i think "my immortal" by evanecence because, well, just the lyrics...."I'm so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave Your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone...."

as for the the artists i want: i think evanecence...more linkin park and muse.
The song "Need" by artist Hana Pestle out of Los Angelos. This song would totally rock in the scene where the months are passing and Bella is dealing with Edwards absence and her state of depression. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that this song will make it onto the cd. The song rips at your heart and you can't help but cry when you hear it...at least for me :D
in my head by 12 stones
also i think a good song is "you found me" by the fray because they could use that when jacob finds bella and heels her when edward leaves her and she feels like her heart is broken :)
I think "almost lover - A fine frenzy" it would be perfect when edward leaves bella . And I think there should be more paramore,muse and linkin park :)
I totally agree and think that "You found me" by The Fray should be on the soundtrack. Also more Paramore and Rob Pattinson. The song "Let me sign" was so good.
I know no one has ever really thought of this.. but this song fits PERFECTLY for the movie.. its an old song by the artist SELENA... its a duet she made. It has an indian sound vibe... with the drums and chanting..fits the part where she and Jacob are hanging out always... and if you pay attention to the lyrics.. it pretty much fits New Moon .. mentioning Bella hearing things no one else does and how this song is about the "Vampire".... no kid.. read the lyrics.. listen to this song.. and the sound.. how this fits Jacob Blacks sound... just go listen!!!!!

Artist: Selena
Album: Dreaming Of You
Title: God's Child

Hey hey hey hey
Ho ho ho ho
(david byrne)
Who calls this child to walk on her own?
Who leads her down this treacherous road?
She's dancing to a song we can't hear

Caminando en calle doce (12)
Debes estar en la escuela
Dulce angelita, de quién eres tú?
Walking along 12th street
You should be in school
Sweet little angel, whose child are you?)

Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Come dance with me

(david byrne)
God makes us dream, but won't set us free
God calls us dance to songs we can't hear

Canción del vampiro
Gloria de amor
Es nuestro reino
Pero vean lo que hemos hecho
Song of the vampire
The glory of love
This is our kingdom
But look what we have done)

Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Come and dance with me (quiero ser libre)
Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Como tú, como tú solo puedas bailar...
Oye, mira, baila conmigo
No me dejes sola
Ven, ven, ven
No me dejes sola

Ooh, come on down
Ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh
Ah, set me free (quiero ser libre) ha!
Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Ooh, ahh, with me
Dont Forget-Demi Lovato
How Could This Happen to Me-Simple plan
Definitely something from muse, paramore and rob pattinson...
i have tons of songs from my playlist...so any of them ( read about them in my page)

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