i have spent the while day today basically just listening to music and i realised that alot of songs remind me of the Saga :).  Obviously the soundtracks remind us of the books/movies but what other songs remind u of them?


Here are some songs that remind me of the Saga :D



Florance and The Machines - Cosmic Love (this song reminds me of when Edward is telling Bella what it was like when he left her :) it fits in perfectly i think)


Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man (this song just reminds me of Edward in New Moon :) )


Lenka - We Will Not Grow Old (reminds me of Edward/Bella in Breaking Dawn)


Parachute - The Mess I've Made (reminds me of Jacob/Bella)


Hope - Who Am I To Say (reminds me of Bella in New Moon after Edward leaves her)


The Pretty Reckless - You Make Me Wanna Die (i dont actually know why this reminds me of Twilight but it does lol)


Paramore - Misguided Ghosts (reminds me of New Moon)


Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire (dont think i need to say what part this reminds me off :P)





What songs remind u of the Saga? :)



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Yah, definitely almost anything Kings of Leon is really good for feeling "Twilight". xoxoxox
"The Other Side" by Bruno Mars reminds me of Edward and Bella. Listen to it and let me know what you think!
i just listened to "The Other Side" by Bruno Mars and its awsome :D it totally reminded me of Edward/Bella :D
I always think of New Moon whenever I listen to Major Tom (Coming Home) by Shiny Toy Guns because I listened to this song A LOT while I was still reading it. This was before I found out it was used in a car commercial.
Muse<3 I have been a fan of Muse for ten years now. And I love the connection Twilight and Muse have.
I saw the list of songs that were being considered for Eclipse and Halo by Beyonce was on the list, it would have been a great soundtrack for this movie, so I hope they plan to use it for Breaking Dawn. I think it would be perfect for either the wedding when she's walking towards Edward standing there waiting for her in white, or it could be perfect for the honeymoon when they frist come together as husband and wife. This is a great song and every time I hear it I think of Edward and Bella. Check it out.
You Found Me - The Fray
Different - Acceptance
The Story - Brandi Carlile
^These all remind me of Alice and Jasper^
They are absolutely beautiful songs
decode-paramore it was made for twilight
my immortal evanescence
There are tons of songs i think that fit the saga but deffo- "anywhere" by evanescene
Love yo Robert forever and always!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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