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I am on team edward i love edward because he is such a good guy no matter if he doesnt see it but he is i wish every guy was like him, but i dont hate jacob i just cant because i mean bella likes him and renesmee is jacob's true love i mean you cant not like him i love renesmee and any thing she loves i have to love even though he is anoying at times i know in the third book i just wanted him to go awayand say to him dude bella is not yours ,but i do understand that he really did love her but if it was meant to be he would have imprinted on her but it didnt happern there was love betweeen them but she only loved him as a brother nothing more :)
I'm on team edward too. I love edward! I love jacob aswell but i know what you mean, in eclipse i was getting really frustrated when Jacob kept interferring and the fact that Bella wouldn't let Jacob go was really annoying. Especially when she went to see Jacob at his house, when he is injured, after the whole new born vampire fight, and she's saying things like I love you Jacob, i wish it was enough. I was practically screaming at the book like..GO BACK TO EDWARD! I know if i had him, i wouldn't look twice at anyone else. Jacob is, and always will only be the best friend to Bella, it's a shame it took until the last book for them to notice this.
If were we going just between Team Edward or Team Jacob.....Team Edward hands down...However I perfer to say I'm on Team Jasper.
I like jasper too, although I can't say he beats Edward. When I went to see it at the cinema, a bunch of girls started screaming when Jasper came on the screen lol. He suits the character so well. I love the baseball scene when he hits the ball, he like slices it and his mouth drops open. That's my favourite scene in the film. Yeah, I'm ranting now so bye :)
i am on EDWARD CULLENS team coz i love him soooo much he is he most sexiest man alive haaa!!! not jokin btw i cat say i hate jacob coz i dnt, but i dont like him nearly as much as EDAWRD! I wish ts was true and i was bella, lol he is just sooooo HOTTT!!!!! I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON!!! X
i am soooo on team jacob!!!!
I don't care if Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. Jacob still loved Bella since the very beginning. He kept her warm when Edward couldn't. He kept her safe when Edward left. I mean, all the good that Edward is doing is keeping Bella's head up. But, really all that Edward was doing,was putting her in danger. The Volturi was after her, Laurent and Victoria were after her, Edward could have killed her at any moment before she turned into a vampire, and anyone of the Cullens could have killed her at any time. Jacob can age, he's warm, Bella is friends with all of the Quileute boys and they won't hurt her, and Bella loves Jacob just as much as she loves Edward. TEAM JACOB!
I´m so much on team Edward that you posibbly can be, because he seems like a good guy and he is always so gentle. But because of that I don´t hate Jacob, he is still sweet because he takes care of Bella when Edward left in New Moon, but Jake and Renesmee belong together and Edward and Bella does...
Edward left because he was thinking of Bella's safety, he got it completely wrong, but his main concern was still keeping her safe. He knew from the start he was a danger to her, something she didn't understand, but that's what makes the story so much more intense. The fact that they shouldn't be together for endless amount of reasons, but they want and need each other. I don't agree when you say she loves Jacob just as much as Edward. She does make it clear that she loves them both, but something she is able to do with Jacob that she isn't capable of doing for Edward is leaving him behind. She goes to Esme's Island and Jacob barely enters her mind, she can't even be away from Edward without thinking about him. And it makes it clear in the books that the impact of Edward leaving her was so much worse than the impact of Jacob leaving her. The whole point of the story is that she wants the harder option. Jacob is more suitable for her, but since when do people go for what's best suited for them. I'm sorry, I think I have a ranting problem. Overall I'm Team Edward! (Please don't think I'm arguing, I'm just very opinionated about twilight lol).

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