im on team edward

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i'm on edward's team and for his families sake Team Edward 4-ev
TEAM CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!
Arhhh... its undecidable, Edward is Amazing in everyway he is utterly romanic, but I can see what Bella means about Jacob and I would love to have a brother like him x
I agree 1000000% i have the exact same feelings towards Jacob lol i love my EDWARD

STUPID LAMB :) ! said:
I am on team edward i love edward because he is such a good guy no matter if he doesnt see it but he is i wish every guy was like him, but i dont hate jacob i just cant because i mean bella likes him and renesmee is jacob's true love i mean you cant not like him i love renesmee and any thing she loves i have to love even though he is anoying at times i know in the third book i just wanted him to go awayand say to him dude bella is not yours ,but i do understand that he really did love her but if it was meant to be he would have imprinted on her but it didnt happern there was love betweeen them but she only loved him as a brother nothing more :)
if you went out on a date the first night with jacob you would have a great time and laugh alot and feel all warm and fuzzy inside and then you would go home and sleep for 18 hours..........and wake up and think there isn't anybody better......woot....

two nights later its edwards turn......omg he looks so delicious....he smells ohhhhh so yummy......his breath is certs here mmmmnn......his touch sends sparks up and down your body..........his kisses make you light headed....his golden eyes mezmerize you u can't look away.........and thats just the first 5 will never recover....there will never be another...... you have found your other half....if your lucky he will make you his forever........with one small bite....ohoohhhhhohohooh mmmmmmnnnnnnnn will he drink your blood or make you imortal.......

im on bella's team cause I would want to be her edward........

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