what u did first? read twiliGht's novel or seen the movie? and which u are prefer?

i belive everybody knew bouT twiliGht..
buT it wasn't same how the people knew that!
for example..I knew twiliGht froM the movie..so i've seen the movie first than reAd the book..
and i think the book more good than the movie at least after i read the book!

so what do u think?
i just want 2 know ur opinion..
n how u know bouT twiliGht..

please share in this discussiont!
thank u!

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i first saw twilight in the internet and get curious about it...then i did watch the movie...after watching it my curiousity attacks again so i immediately bought the first book...i know that the story on the movie differs a little on the book(lyk harry potter)

it was last december when i bought the books....

and the saga are really interesting!!!!for me its the perfect creation because it blends the real and unreal...
i saw the movie and i liked it, then i read the books and i LOVED them they r my life now
i read all four books just days before the movie came out. sadly i was a little disappointed at the movie, but the more i watched it, the more i love it...
I saw the film first, and read the books after it. I prefer both in their own way. I love the book, it has more details in it, and it lets your imagination run wild, of how they should look like and you sort of imagine them a certain way, the film brings it all to life.

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