What was the most interesting thing that happened to you when you saw Twilight in theaters?

I had a forty-something year old woman jump on top of me and yell "That's my seat b****!" lol Of course it was completely sold out so it was extremely crowded! I was just curious if weird stuff like that happened to anybody else.

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i loved jasper instantly!!!! i was like, (in my head, of course, cuz my little brother was there) I LOVE YOU JASPER!!!! i would have paused it and kissed the screen for ages, but i didnt want to draw attention
The best viewing of Twilight for me was the last one before it left our local theater. I had seen it three times by then, but my friend at work had not seen it yet. I told her she HAD to see it on the big screen. So at the last minute, the last night the movie showed locally, we jumped in the car and drove like crazy to get there before show time.

As we walk up to the ticket booth, almost all of the people in line, in the lobby and then, in the theater, were older women! There were a few groups of teenagers, but I was surprised at the number of women my age or older.

And wome of my age--we aren't shy.

As I and my friend run up to the line, the woman in front of us turned around and said, "What's the rush?" and I said "Edward's waiting inside for us!" and the whole line cracked up.

So I'm talking to the women in line and one says she'd seen it six times, another said this was her seventh time.

In the theater, it was like a great big bunko party. We had a blast. I'd brought a bottle of wine, of course, as had some of the other women, and we were pouring wine for women around us.

At the point where Bella asks Edward how long he's been 17, at the same time Edward said "awhile," several women in the audience said, rather loudly, "awhile."

I think if the movie would have played another two weeks, it would have become a Rocky Horror participation type of event.

Afterwards, a group of ten of us went out for a drink. It was great. We yacked for a couple of hours.

So that was the best--and the strangest--viewing I saw of Twilight.

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