What would you do if you see Rob in person? Would you leave him alone to do his stuff? Would you let him have fun first, drink his martini, eat his food, do his grocery or enjoy the concert?

Many girls are going ga-ga over him - turning instant paparazzi and all. (Good thing Rob always comply. He rarely refuses.) But really, what shall you do? Will you turn Adaline (that canadian musician did), or be the loudmouth-hysterical-screaming-excited fan, or be the shy-blushing one, or just cool - giving the poor guy a break?

Be true to yourself.lol. Really, what will you do?

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i'll f*** him :P:P:P:P
I would be the shy-blushing fan. I am a very shy person so I would like go CRAZY in my head. I would get all jumpy and nervous. I would probably be shaking too. Im not an obnoxious screaming kinda person when it comes to Twilight.
i wud probably want to go up to him but im sure he is sick with fans comin up to him so i wud go up and say "plz can i have an autograph plz and im sorry for taking up ur time xxoxox" and then i wud pass out xoxoxox
i would squeal then faint then say hi
and ask for a photo :)
or an autographh
i want to meet him so badlyyy
i wod do the exsaclye same thing, like when i see a spider:

first i'm in chok, and near the death.
then i would screaming.
and then i would colm down for a few seconds, and asking for a picture and an autograph!
I'd be like, "Hey do you know where Jackson and Kellan are?"

Haha, because I don't particularly like Rob. He's not the slightest bit attractive to me at all.
If I ran into him at a bar I would offer to buy him a drink and see where the night took us!
Okay so it would be EXTREMELY hard to not jump his bones but I think instead of getting arrested for indecent exposure, I would try to let him do his thing for a minute before trying to approach him. I would really love to just sit and talk with him because he seems like a really intelligent person, and I would try really hard to make him laugh just so i could hear it in person (only that but when I get nervous I tend to say things to make ppl laugh to break the ice anyway). But trying to ignore the fact that he is SEX ON LEGS would not be an easy task. I wouldn't want to be a blubbering mess though so while I let him do his thing for that minute I would try desperately to compose myself so I didn't turn into a 10 yr old girl!! LOL I would really love to meet him though.
I would probably have multiple heart attacks just cuz hes so hot.

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