What Would Be Bella's Major If She Decided To Go To College???

My friend and I were talking about Twilight and she asked me  if Bella would of gone to college, what we she major in?  She thought maybe Veterany Medicine and I said no way she drinks animal blood for dinner!!!  I think she'd probably major in English or writting...



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Hmmm...(thinking)...this is a diffucult question. Stephenie certainly would know the answer, she knows Bella's the best.:) I don't want to guess all wrong. But...I guess that Bella maybe would be major in literature, perhaps even English literature. Or maybe writing. :) Because she loves to read and she's favorite books include the classics of English literature. :D
She might have gone into Science. She seemed good in that area. If not I think she would have become an English major of some kind. She could do work from home editing.
literature or science i think
I definitely think she would have gone ino literature - she reads voraciously - the English Classics but I also think she might have taken a minor in psychology or philosophy. Throughout the books she gets better and better at understanding herself and the people around her - and then defeats the Volturi.

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