My first name would be Bobra Leemond. Lol lol lol. What would yours be?

Your mothers and fathers first name combined for ur first name. Then ur mother and fathers middle name combined for your middle name.

ex: Renesmee Carlie
Renee + Esme
Charlie + Carlisle

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An-etter Niels XD
i think ti would have been beautifuuulll if it was a boy and it was edward, but
i would have Jenilinda. lol
my name would be nathpet (nathalie and peter) verbrublanc (verherbrugghen and blancquaert) lol lol lol
Cosuina Thomados

Maternal/Paternal grandmother: Consuella/Maxine

Maternal/Paternal grandfather: Thomas/Dosey
My name would be
Rosles Macent

Rosemarie + Charles
Maria + Vincent

gosh, sounds so
My name would be Delrey Scam. LOL My father's name is Delmar Scott and My biological mother's name is Audrey Sam. My adoptive mother's name is Diana Margaret, so that would make it Deliana Scorgaret. I guess that's a little better...
ummmmmm........ michkayla. hehe
I would be Debon Jean. hahaha
Mine would be Jelan (Jean and Alan) or even just Jean if i use the 1st two letters in mums name with the last 2 in dads. Or i could complicate it using my biological fathers name then i'd be Jegor (lol will stick with mum and dads i think!)
My name would be Gray

My mom is Ginny and my dad is Raymond...
Devro Joy, that wud be the child name, weird 1st name thou, lol!
i like Frania lol
mine would be Isasé Maruis lol...
my mom's isabel maría
and my dad josé luis
my middle name looks franch lol

Morgaine Chya said:
Sonny Cullen said:
u don't know how 2 spell ur mother's name!!!!!
I don't know what my name would b
my dad's name is Francisco
and my mom's is Sonia
I know something extremly weird is going 2 come up
any help?????

I think Sonisica is pretty.

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