My first name would be Bobra Leemond. Lol lol lol. What would yours be?

Your mothers and fathers first name combined for ur first name. Then ur mother and fathers middle name combined for your middle name.

ex: Renesmee Carlie
Renee + Esme
Charlie + Carlisle

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My name would be Jeanetim Angward lol, that sounds funny!
Jeanette + Tim
Angela + Edward
If you do it the Twilight way as in
Mothers: Mother & Fathers: Mother
Mothers: Father & Fathers: Father

Mary + Dorathy = Marathy
George + Nick = Geoni

LOL very weird
Brysara Lostowe. Not a very pretty name.

Bryan & Sarah = Brysara
Louise & Stowe = Lostowe
Lulaine Miloni Rodrigues

Luis + Gislaine=Lulaine
Miguel + Leoni=Miloni
mine is jezabelle and bella to get jezabella. so its jezabella black. ^_^
mine would be dixette jerdly. weird.. dixie. polette. jerry. and bradley.
My name would be Millarry Dianchael! Glad it's not!
Marug - Mary + Doug
Michee (or Lechael) - Lee + Michael

Marug Lechael... interesting.

Or, using my two grandma's names and two grandpa's names mixed:

Berthley Alldall - Bertha + Shirley and Allen + Randall

First name: Shidget Last name: Bree

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