what's the meaning of eclipse soundtrack "my love" by sia?

i love this song. very much..... and it touches my hear whenever i listen to it...... but being honest.. there are some things in the songs that i dont really understand. so i need help of all my twi-community friends to help me on this. please help me understand the meaning of the sonf in context to that particular scene in the movie. thanks. :)

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well i read the lyrics and its a beautiful song.. i remember they put it on the movie when he proposes to her (i guess) and for me it means that they are not two people anymore that because their union they are now one heart and one soul... is beautiful because it means they are now in peace with each other and especially bella is leaving everything for be with the one she always love... Edward.. (it's kind of corny i know) but they are now stronger than ever because they have each other.. i can't wait for Breaking Dawn is going to be awesome!!

thankyou steph. :)

and yes, i am counting days for breaking dawn as well !!! too bad, its going to be released in 2 parts and sometimes i wonder, its so hard to wait till november to see the 1st part.... how will i be able to wait another year for the 2nd part....... coz i heard it will come out in nov 2012........ :(

Actually, I believe it is sung in memory of a loved one who has died.  All the lyrics point towards the fact that the loved one who is the subject of the song is dead.  Lyrics such as: "My love, you have found peace. You were searching for relief"  and "Tonight you will sleep for good, You will wait for me my love" and "I am mending, I'll be with you"  point to that.  

When they pick songs for movie soundtracks the lyrics usually aren't considered the most important element, so what the songs say doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the scene they're in.

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