i want to kno the wierdest thing that ever happened to you...

the wierdest thing that ever happened to me is when i was in my room this head kept playing peek-a-boo with me. it kept looking up over the foot of my bed than hiding. i also herd it laughing.
than it was peeking down from a gap in the ceeling and it was making a wierd noise in the upstairs bathroom

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Wait, what? What do you mean a head? Do you have a ghost or something?
actually 14 but whos counting?
COOL! I've had a lot of paranormal experiences in my lifetime but I've never seen an actual apparition (in person) that's awesome! You're not scared are you?
hell no i even talk to them!!!!!!!! they all love me
one time nfriend actually told me that a ghost follos him and that no one else can see him but i can
and one is mi uncle. he wears what he died in, a long black trench coat and a large top[ hat
that is so kewl. i would have been screaming by then. i freak out easily, but its still really cool.

i think the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me happen the other night. i was in my bed reading (what else but twilight) and i heard foot steps above me like on the second floor. i dont have a second floor though and there isnt anyone in my attic. there isnt enough room for an animal and even if there were, no animal sounds like a human.
Ok I was just checking I was going to tell you not to be scared if you were because they can't harm you. Weird things that have happened to me is things getting thrown, images in pictures, evp's, I have seen a black shadow but no apparitions. If you haven't tried you should try recording evp's.
iv tried it but they only talk wehn nothing is thare to record it and when im alone
wow that would b scary but dont b afraid they wont hurt you
Try leaving your recorder on while sleeping, it may take a week or possibly longer but you will get something. There is a free software program for analyzing evp's called Audacity and its free they have others but some are pretty pricey! This takes all the static out of the evp without taking the evp out. Its pretty cool you'll be amazed at what you hear! Try that instead of asking the questions and waiting for a response, you'll eventually get something.
The weirdest thing that ever happened to me was my trip to Australia. They call it "Oz" for a reason. But I loved it. We spent time in Fortitude Valley in this cool area with bars, restaurants, and great new music. The organization that puts out the music is called "Valley Transmission," and they were voted internationally in the top 5 venues for new music that made it big. We absolute loved it, and closed the place every night they had music.

Then there's Vegamite. There's no explanation for that.

And we ended up snorkeling in the exact same area (I mean right OVER the area) that Steve Irwin was nailed by the ray. Didn't know it at the time, though.

The kind of creepy thing you are talking about...the big one for me was after my Dad died. I was 32 then, and I loved him so much. He died unexpectedly and it was like someone chopped half of my body away. I felt completely wounded and raw.

So I had dreams--oh, did I have dreams.

The one that was creepy (or perhaps almsot fatal?) occurred one night when my fiance (now my husband) was staying over. In my dream, I was at the house he lived in in Montecito,this gorgeous mansion he shared with a friend. There was a courtyard. I was in the courtyard and I saw my Dad like he was there but behind a wall of liquid glass. He was asking me to go with him, that it was a beautiful place (he had asked me this before in dreams), and this time he reached out of the glass and took my hand, and gently started pulling me towards the glass. I was so willing to go, I was so tired of the pain. But then in a flash I remembered my daughter and said something like "No, Dad, I can't go, I have to take care of Laura." My hand was already partially through the liquidy glass.

In an instant I was awake and my fiance was giving me CPR. No s***. He was so freaked out. He heard me having another bad dream (he usually wakes me up) but when he looked he said my skin on my face was blue, as were my lips, and I was not breathing. He called 911 and then started CPR.

I've thought about that dream a lot. My husband finds it hard to even talk about it, still, and it was years and years ago.

After that night, I didn't have any more dreams about my father for a couple of years, and then they were normal dreams.

Then 2 months later (4 months after my Dad died), my mother died.
A neardeath experience....
wow that would b really scary

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