Whats you favourite scene from the books that has been in either Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse???

I was just thinking before what my favourite scene from was from the books and got into the Movies! I have to say the scene in Twilight where Bella leaves Charlie! OMG I felt so bad for charlie in the book, and when i saw it in Twilight it made me fell for him so much more! I also Loved the breakup scene and thought it was translated great in New Moon! And of course the Tent scene in Eclipse!
So whats your favourite scenes from the books that you loved in Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse???
Thanks Mizzy xx

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My favourite Twilight scene that I was most excited to see translated to the big screen was the cafeteria scene and the baseball scene.
New Moon was the party scene and the werewolves (really wanted to see the special effects haha).
Eclipse was the fight training scene, the leg hitch scene and the sex talk! haha
Breaking Dawn is...omg so much lol. Well...the wedding, the honeymoon, pregnant Bella, Jacob and Rosalie's arguments, the birth of Renesmee, Bella waking up (looking in the mirror), the first hunt, meeting Renesmee, Bella snapping at Jacob (haha), cottage sex (hahahahaha), meeting J. Jenks, Volturi confrontation and the ending. Basically the entire thing haha
That's hard. I love a lot of scenes. (And I'm very indecisive at times.) Umm From Twilight the book to movie adaptation was definitely the baseball scene. (So awesome!) And I loved the first kiss, when Bella was leaving Charlie (only because I really felt for Charlie there. I almost cried I wanted to hug Charlie & be like it's okay I promise) Bella meeting the rest of the Cullens and the prom.
From NM I'd have to say for book to movie adaptation the breakup scene. It was heartbreaking! (And very close to the book. I hated & loved it at the same time because I didn't want Edward to leave.) Rob & Kristen were both amazing. And I loved Volterra. Michael Sheen was AMAZING as Aro.
For EC wow there are so many. The meadow scenes at beginning & end. The fight training with the Cullens & wolves. And the proposal/makeout/leg hitch scene.

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