My favourite deleted scene is the one in the medow i think its soo sweet and esme and carlisle thats sweet to :) what do you think? which is your fav one?

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Are all the deleted scenes u're talking about, on the DVD bonus edition ?
If so, I order it right now ? It's not yet released in France, oonly in July. Can u imagine !
i love the victoria and james kiss scene!!!! it's!!
This is my favourite too, can you PLEASE tell me where you got this pic from

TwiHard1901 said:
I like the one where Bella is dreaming and she sees Edward and pulls him in by his shirt and they kiss. :)

my favourite deleted scene is the meadow scene of edward and bella in the hood , the make out scene in bella's bedroom
Samantha Mullins said:
Samantha Mullins said:
Morgaine Chya said: Sorry, I should have been specific. That was a scene in the bookt that didn't make the movie.
Samantha Mullins said:
My favorite deleted scene is when they take off out of Edwards room, and Esme and Carlisle are talking about how she brought him to life again. And the dream scene they should've kept that in. Now when is the Directors cut coming out??

I loved that scene, too. It was good to see a bit of sexuality between them. In the books there is lots of discussion about vampire sex, but in all of the scenes in the movie, there is zero between Carlisle and Esme. After I saw the scene, I thought "Hmmmm," and have been thinking a lot more about Carlisle now.

was this in the 2 disk set or the three disk set, but I may have missed it, I was going homework when I was watching the deleted scenes.
my fav deleted scene was when edward and bella are in the forest and bella asks him do u want a taste and she sticks her finger in his mouth,and he bites her, I mean I know that edward would never do that but it was kind of funny to me my other fav is the esme carlisle scene so cute I wish they would of left that in there so we could see how in love they are and how much they care about edward :)
i loved them all.

i like when bella and edward are walking in the woods or wherever and he trips her and bits her finger. I like the small clip with emmet, and the scene with esme and carlisle
my favorite deleted seen from twilifgt is when edward and bella start making out like really rough and she falls off the bed! Stephnie Meyer said it was over the top and did not go with the book well. i thought it was pretty hot!
Have to agree, its got to be - and thats the first night I dreamed of Edward Cullen one lol!
I know I love that scene....Emment (Kellan) looks so cute with his hood up!!! :)

Emmalie Lutz Lautner said:
this is the stupidest scene ever and the shortest, but I like Emmett's small part. He is so cute!!!!
from da book- i love it at da end wen tyler is at bellas house n edward tells him off politely over da fone!!! hahaha

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