Everyone loves the Twilight Saga (some say they hate it but I think otherwise). What I want to know is what are your favorite chapters and why. If you want list your favorite from each book. Also yell me why it is your favorite. Leave a comment!!

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My favorite chapter in twilight is Confessions because Edward tells Bella all of his secrets that he had to keep and how he reveals his true self. In New Moon my favorite chapter is The Truth beacuse Edward tells Bella how much she means to him and explains why he left her. In Eclipse my favorite chapter is Compromise because Bella finally agrees to marry Edward. In Breaking Dawn my favorite chapter is Shiny because you see the Cullens and Jacob act as one big family and Jacob and Emmett making everything so humorous.
K, so my fav by far is Isle Esme, from breaking dawn. Breaking dawn is my fav book, my fav part is big day, gesture, and isle esme (chapter 3-5). I go through all the emotions with bella, I'm happy, nervous, blushing, orgasmic, blissful, overwhelmed, sad, and upset. I go from happy tears to sad tears and back. I can't read bereaking dawn in front of anyone its too embarssing. Guess that is where you know the author is completly amazing!

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