Whats your favorite twilight saga book? Mine is Eclipse

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Mine is also eclipse. in this book, there is so much happen. all this bella and jacob stuff... gosh.
but you know, twilight was the first book, and it brought us all into this fantastic world.
Why Eclispe? I would say for my favorite twilight saga book would be Eclispe actually.
Myn is New Moon. Coz dats where jacob is introduce as a werewolf and where his new world is introduced as well. It's lyk a movie in my head too. And it's where Edward backs off for a while..no offense but yah
agree with linzie, new moons my fav.
рассвет "daybreak"
Twilight and Eclipse
mine is Eclipse, too ...
I dont know, maybe 'cause it happenes so muck between Bella and Jacob and that stuff ...
in twilight was I like "ooow", in new moon was I shoked, in breaking down I laugh ... but I eclipse I cried (maybe because ot that I like it the most) :)
i like the idea of them two together, but edward and bella is the dream couple...
I think that the most sad part is whan she says: "the most hard part is, that I saw our future ..." and he says that if there werent this things like vampires and verewolfs, they would be happily together ... I cried to bad ... <3
Mine is Breaking Dawn!!!
Eclipse for now, Breaking Dawn comes out in Finnish in October *sigh*. I don't know why.. New Moon is kinda depressing. Twilight is great but Eclipse is so romantic and there's so much going on. Can't wait for the movies!
my favorite book is also eclipse.....there's so much action :D
breaking bawn!!!because atlast jacob lives bella alone!!!!

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