Whats your favorite twilight saga book? Mine is Eclipse

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Breaking Dawn
i can't choose..it's discrimination..i can't,,all of them are great..how could i choose between them?it's imposible...to choose between twilight:how they meet,their first kiss,edward for the first time in the sunlight,edward saving bella from james and new moon:how he leaves,bella's broken heart and soul,jacob's friendship,bella saving edward,the volturi,edward comming back and eclipse..ohh eclipse where their relation become much stronger,and their love,the pack who is stronger,the decision of bella between jacob and edward,the selfiness of edward wich is more evident here than in any other books,the fight,victoria's dead and breaking down:the wedding,isle esme,first love scene,the pregnancy,jacob's thoughts,the way he see what's happening,the imprinting with reenesme,bella as a vampire,her abilities,again edward and bella together their love stronger than any other time,the volturi,and all this things...now tell me how can i choose between them?how can i put a book higher than another?when for them there isn't a scale...it's just a podium where all are together..all are the same...all of them are the best books from this world...
breaking dawn
they are al soooo great!!!!but if i have too choose...
i think that eclipse is the best book from the three,almost a wedding,kissis,more and more and more and more and more love from bella and edward.
but twilight hisself is alsow a great book and new moon too,sooo,i cant choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....
I love all of the books but Eclipse is my favorite just because so many things happen and Edward is in the whold book (Unlike in New Moon). Theres many twists and good conversations.
i think mine is a tie between breaking dawn and new moon... rpattz himself said his favourite book was new moon and i agree with why he chose this book..he says he likes the way that edward has an ominous presence in the second book and too much of him would dilute it..i agree, i loved the way at the end of the book when ur reading it..wel for me anyway..u jus cant wait for her to get there to save him and to see what happens after that...rob himself said that its brilliant that goes to kill himself at the ned in italy...but...i also love breaking dawn..i loved every bit of this book from start to finish..i dont have a bad word to say about any of these books as i loved all of them but those to are the ones which to me really stood out...:D
omg, i cant even choose.. i love them all, i read them over and over and they never get old!
so yeah i lovee them all. including midnight sun=D
there all so good....the one I have the worst time with is New Moon.......i was so mad at edward and then jacob and then bella and then it got better alice came back........lol....... a very emotional book for me.........
Eclipse is my fav. The confrontation in the school parking lot was awesome.
Eclipse and Twilight because Bella and Edward are so cute,,,such a dream couple <3
i luv BREAKING DAWN my all time fave

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