Does your heart race when you hear about something Twilight? How about when you watch the newest clip for a new part? Do you smirk or smile to yourself at the mere mention of anything Twilight related, whether it be sitting on the train, walking by a convo, or buying a cup of coffee in the morning? How about catching a glimpse at the displayed CD's at said coffee shop for sale and know that artist is on the Twilight soundtrack?

I remember when Oprah recently had the Trifecta on her show, but I couldn't watch it, so I DVR'd it. I heard about the exclusive scenes and about the new promo... I wanted to watch this asap. I got home and didn't want a person to say a word to me until I watched the show and clips. When the new promo came on, I thought I would pass out. My heart was racing. I held my breath and squealed at the new footage. My family thought I'd lost it. As soon as I finished watching it and the show, I called my sister, who is also a Twi nut like me, and practically screamed on the phone with her. Mind you, I was a 30 year old woman who totally lost it from watching a promo. How old is too old anymore? Anyway, after I collected myself, I faced my family at home who didn't utter a word about my behavior. Hey, everyone has their thing right? Mine is Twilight everything. I OOH and AHH, I lose all sense of self control. I'm a self diagnosed Twilight movie, cast, blog, and fanfiction junkie so I can't suppress my natural reaction to anything remotely familiar to my addiction. So there.

What's your reaction to Twilight?

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True story that happened just today (so I feel this is an appropriate place to share):

I went to see the movie 'RED' today. Guess who the movie studio is for 'RED'? You got it: Summit. So as the familiar Summit logo and song came on, I got all misty-eyed, and my thoughts went back to my summer of Eclipse. Then I found myself getting misty-eyed for any twilight movie! It is so ingrained in my system now that when I hear the Summit song/see the logo, my brain just assumes I'm about to watch a twilight movie, and it's difficult to realize oh yeah, Summit makes other movies too!

And then, of all things, near the end of 'RED,' my brain suddenly switched gears and said, hey this should be about the time in Eclipse when Jacob turns back to Bella on top of the mountain, cause she's just asked him to kiss her, and he goes to her and has that awesome kiss, and hey, didn't you think that someone (the cinematographer?) screwed up on the cinematography right there because that scene was kindof washed out when it should have been rich in color? And I answered myself, yeah I DO think someone screwed up with the mountaintop kiss scene because it WAS washed out and it SHOULD have been richer in color; why on earth didn't they fix that in post production? And then a third voice in my head chimed in to say HEY, SHUT UP! QUIT DISCUSSING ECLIPSE! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE WATCHING RED!! I'm not lying. All of this rolled through my head as I was watching 'RED'! I have no idea what happened on the screen during that time period. I was lost in Twilight.

So I guess I just gave you a long answer, but the bottom line is: my brain is so wired to all things Twilight, it never leaves the subject for very long. Sooner or later, I find a way to bring it back up, no matter where I am or what I'm doing!

PS: I also saw the trailer for the new Billy Burke movie 'Drive Angry' -- it looks pretty dang cool! And Billy looks great.

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