Has the filming schedule for Breaking Dawn been released? Will it still be in Vancouver? I would really like to plan a trip to see the set, etc., but I can not recall if I have read anywhere about when and where the filming will take place.

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Me too! I wanna know so I can go! So I can start planning and get my passport! Tell me if you get any info!
This is basically what's gonna happen:

1. New Moon will premiere.
2. Its gonna make buttloads of money ;) (I guarantee)
3. Then that's when they'll be sure Eclipse is gonna make Bank!
(And they know that us fans are still interested)
4. They continue post-production on Eclipse
5. They start Breaking Dawn

Idk the exact date but ill let you know when I find out.
If they keep to the time lines of the previous productions, probably early fall 2010. If they were smart, they would start shortly after completing Eclipse. If the major stars were available it would make sense, especially financially and logistically to continue production while they have all of the people and the materials they need to complete the series. Once it is in the can they can release at their leisure. Prime example of this production scheme is Lord of the Rings, which was done as a single production and then split into separate movies.
well I hurd they may start filming it in March but its not been confirmed

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