The title says it all. When did you first read Twilight, and why?

I started reading it in April, and because my friend (ahem) told me she bought it, which lead to me getting interested in it. :)

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I started reading Twilight sometime in October. I didn't really know what it was but some of my friends were talking about it and said that it was a good read. I went out and bought Twilight and was totally hooked. I know have the Book Set!
i read all four book after whath the movie and i love them
a friend told me about it a few years ago.......and then i had to wait until the other books......back then i didnt even know that there was gonna be a movie
Last year my English teacher recommened it and i tried to look for it but i could never find it so i jsut gave up cos i dint think it would be that good anyway! then i watched the a rubbish copy of the movie and i dint really get into i tthat much ,,cos i wanted to see it proppely in cinemas but no one wanted to see it really and i was like yeah but it looks really gooddd! but then my frend told me to read the books so i started reading em in april and had read the whole saga in a week:) then i got the proper film on DVD because it would be a hell of a lot better quality and i watched it and i LOVVVEEDDD IT and watched it every day in the first week and now im just addicted:P
Two years ago right after the twilight movie came out just some week after borrowed it from a twilighter back than b/c I hadn´t really got all hooked up init, not that the movie wasn´t great I rarley get OCD lol over books anyways and series like sequeles is not my thing, but it didn´t take me loong to become a twilighter totaly hooked, after reading them all I went out and bought my own ones so I could re-read anytime which I allready have and still doing.
Still remeber the day lol 21 to be correct (living in sweden) but I was lucky enough to see it one day before the actual premiere.
2 weeks before twilight comes out
I finished the book last week sometime. I was great! It's funny though, after the first book I found it very addictive and had to read the rest. I cried,laughed, got angry, and love right alone with every moment of the vivid description of each book. I love your writing, please continue to delight us with each book for many years to come.
I actually started reading Twilight after the movie came out. And I'm reading the books for the second time round now! Stephenie rox =D!




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