I was just wondering...
somewhere is mentioned that Bella can't live without Edward (it's obvious), he is her reason for living...
and then there was that question what would you do if your reason for being didn't want you anymore?

what would you do?
could you go on in just a few months? could you go on at all?
could you survive without your reason or would you replace it with a new one?
could you fall in love again after someone like him? even just a little bit?
could you do something that you know it might hurt him even though he may never come back?
and finally....
could you live with yourself?

I'll give you my answer first... NO...

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Well, I'm a Christian so my opinions are very different. God is the reason to live so I think that you could live without who you were in love with even if you were torn emotionally and your heart was ripped to shreds. God would provide healing and true obsession isn't healthy anyway.
i dont think i would be able to, living without someone ur love doesnt sound so gr8, especially if i were bella cos wat she and edward have is much more. but i dont think if we're talking bout edward and bella, tht edward wud actually ever leave bella even if they lived forever.

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