Hey everyone! I know how much we all love twifans and how its the best site to come and chat with friends about all things Twilight! So i was thinking the other night about how neat it is that we have this site to come to and meet friends with people from all over the world. So i have just one question where are you from....or if you want what city/state are you from? I am from Pennsylvania right here in the United States and I love talking to people from all over so comment!!!! = )

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Hey from PENNSYLVANIA!!!! I thought it would be best to start the discussion!!!

Greetings from Finland! :D North Star's Child loves to discuss about Twilight! :)

Romania. :D

Hi Kelly

I am from Eskmeals in Cumbria UK better known as "The Lake District" Twilight keeps me in the land of "I wish": I wish I was Bella Swan, I wish that everything Stephenie wrote about was true and I wish there was the chance of me being part of it, is that sad? I hope not.

I got all the books last year for Christmas off my sister (I was late becoming a fan) and I have read them over and over and over.

Im an older fan but not a mom, im 44.

Hope you get lots of replies to your post, all the best, Stephanie


This is a great discussion!

 I live in Massachusetts, near the Boston area.

Thanks for all of your comments its great to see people from the other side of the globe! Make sure to tell all of your friends to comment as well...lets see if we can get a person from every country...or Try i should say! Thanks again for the comments!
I come from south Tx(the Rio Grande Valley) about 15 minutes from the border of Mexico.Pretty much the most boring place in the world,as far as Twilight is concerned lol.NOTHING about Twilight ever goes on here.I wish I lived further up north,like Dallas.Thats where the last Twicon was in Texas.

Bonjour from Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

And yes, I'm always amazed to see that Twifans are from all over the world.  It's pretty cool to see that a saga as Twilight brings the world together...

Happy New Year Twifans!

Hi, I'm orignally from California, but am living in Utah.  I love Twilight, especially Edward/Robert Pattinson!

Hi! I'm from Utah in the United States. It's FREEZING here!!


Hiiie I m Dipti from India.I just love twifans and twilight saga,and its indeed nice to meet

new people good to see you too.Take care * smiles *


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