Hey everyone! I know how much we all love twifans and how its the best site to come and chat with friends about all things Twilight! So i was thinking the other night about how neat it is that we have this site to come to and meet friends with people from all over the world. So i have just one question where are you from....or if you want what city/state are you from? I am from Pennsylvania right here in the United States and I love talking to people from all over so comment!!!! = )

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Happy New Twilight Year from Tulsa,Oklahoma!


I'm a relatively newish Twifan since end of Summer. I have read all of the books except for the last 10 chapters in BD. I have seen the movies and I got Twilight & Eclipse for Christmas. (Single disc editions) I started to become a fan or at least interested in the fandom when Burger King was doing the Eclipse promo. I love Jacob and Edward also but not as much. I will go to the movie theater to see Breaking Dawn when it releases. I love Taylor Lautner and we are both Aquarius!

Australia. I have a claim to Xavier Samuel, just so you know ;) haha
Kia Ora to all my twi-fans all over the world!!! I'm from Auckland New Zealand!!! A Very Happy New Year To You's All!!! Hope Each & Everyone One Of You's Have An Amazing Year!!!
Hey! I'm from the Philippines.
Hello from Sweden! :D
Haha Courtney S an Bree Cullen I get claim on him too!! haha lol
I'm from Northern Ireland, near Ballyclare, Co. Antrim, in the countryside.
Fun to see someone from scandinavia here :D I come from Sweden!

Karina Vestergaard Nielsen said:

Hi all twifans.

Greetings from Scandinavia... Im from the small but beautifull Denmark;D I also love to meet  people from all over the world! It´s awesome you started this Kelly. Hope you get a lot of replys;D


Can´t wait for Breaking Dawn, but don´t we all feel that?!

Hugs from the (right now) cold snowy denmark

Hi from Sterling Hts MI.....USA!!! smile...

Hi! I'm tet from the Philippines. A big twilight fan like everyone here. It always delight me how this site has grown.  Now, there are many contributors and it is fun reading their insights and reports. I also made many friends in this site whom I occasionaly talked through facebook.

I wish I could get closer to twilight... who knows, with a stroke of luck i can finally go to Forks - my dream destination for anything related to Twilight because it is there the movie/book is inspired.

Hello to everyone!



Hey... I'm  from Yogyakarta, the city of Indonesia...
I'm from Ecuador, in South America we love Twilight!!!!

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