Hey everyone! I know how much we all love twifans and how its the best site to come and chat with friends about all things Twilight! So i was thinking the other night about how neat it is that we have this site to come to and meet friends with people from all over the world. So i have just one question where are you from....or if you want what city/state are you from? I am from Pennsylvania right here in the United States and I love talking to people from all over so comment!!!! = )

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Im from Australia, g'day mates :P
I am originally from Australia but have lived in Japan for years.
I live in  Pinellas County, Florida.


My name is Grietje. I`m from the Netherlands. I`m a huge twilight fan in a small town. Everybody thinks i`m crazy for loving Twilight. But I dont care. I`ll  keep on spreading my twifever around and maybe sombody`s going to get bit (pun intended) by the twilight bug.

Groetjes van Grietje


Hi, also from the netherlands!!
Tuson Arizona but grew up since i was 7 in new orleans

From Venezuela! wow There are so many twilight fans all over the world! That's just amazing! 

Twilight Forever ;) 

Ciao! Sono da Italia. (I'm from Italy.) I'm 1/3 Italian, British and American. But I'm love being Italian more. GO ITALY!
Home state is New Mexico but been living in Washington for 4 years now.Forks is a couple of hours away from here :P
I am from Michigan and looking for some twi fans to be friends with. I have been wanting to take a Twilight tour to Forks or Portland but started thinking that it would be more fun to go with a group of fans like me. I think we should plan something like this. If anyone has any ideas please share them. Team Edward <3
I am from Macomb! Nice to meet you ; )

catherine said:
Hi from Sterling Hts MI.....USA!!! smile...
I'm from good old Aussie...that's all I'm going to say.

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