(guys Nicole should wake up soon which is good)

 I bored the private plane along with Alec, Jane, felix, and Lilith who begged to go. She sat away from all of them in the back so she could think. She thought of what she would say to Edward. After all he was my brother. The plane ride stopped after hours of listening to Alec complain snout how Christina couldn't come and Lilith could. We landed near forks where I apparently would be staying if they accepted me. They headed off to look at the progress of the army. I grabbed a car off the street and started driving through the depressing little town. I followed the directions towards the Cullens house. 

  I parked towards the side of the house so it was hard to see me. The same man that used to worked for Aro stepped out of the home. His pale blond hair and his golden eyes stood out to me. Than a larger man with black hair and golden eyes stepped out. I started talking to Carlisle in Latin.  He smiled as I told him I was visitor and that I was Edwards sister. He of course new that but it made him smile and let me in.  The house was filled with about six to ten vampires.  I tried to not to look at them but keep my body ready for any attack. They all had golden eyes which was what Lilith taught me.

" this is Clarissa, an old friend of mine. I'm sure you have heard of her from being in the precense of the Volturi?" he asked them. They all shook their heads and I smiled. They all looked into my red eyes but I quickly looked away.

Than I smelled the scent of a human. I was so sure she was in the other room but I controlled myself.

"Bella you can come out." Edward called. She was so juicy and beautiful I just wanted to sink my teeth into her. Her pale skin looked sweet. I winced as I saw her but held myself back. Edward was in front of her. Ready to spring at me if needed.

"I'm fine. No protection needed. It's just one question? Why do you keep her isn't it hard to live with her? " I asked.

"We live with it." a blond girl with the same golden eyes replied.

I smile and stare at Edward. He has no idea who I am.

Sorry it's short I'm just really busy, lol  

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I love it babydoll

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