Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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Edward bit me on our honeymoon at the beach! :)
Carlisle Cullen bit me on the neck (:

ok was so jasper !!!!! we were playing baseball and my hair was wet so my sent was stronger. he had to sit on the bench next to me because he was out. he hadent hunted in a week and my sent made him thirsty. he launched himself at me and bite me on th coller bone. he was killing me so edward and emmet had to pull him off. alic did not see him atack in a vison because it was not prepland. the had no chose but to let me become a vampier because i had lost to much blood for edward to suck the venim out. it took 2 days for me to transform. i did not feel much and noew i can see so clearly. my human life is a big blur. i maried stefan savator an we have a big house in rockford ill were it rains h days out tof o week.
and thats how i became a vampier.
Rosalie :) We were best friends to the fullest. I had no clue she was a vamp but we got in to an argument and we started fighting...then the a-h*** bit me on the arm.(we were in her bedroom doing a school project) I will never forgive her for changing me but ive become better at dealing with what i am. PLus, Rose has to deal with that. I know she truely feels sorry, but what has happened has happened....
Definitely Edward !!!!!!
Japer!!! He's the best!!! But I think Edward could bite me too...But Jaspar still remains my favorite!<3
I was bitten by Emmit Cullen. He bit me on my shoulder after kissing me in the most sensual way I could imaign!!
Carlisle! He is one hot DILF! haha.
Edward Bit me.....:D
without a thought edward!!!!! it was a lovely dark nite i was laying in bed but could not fall asleep so i decided 2 go 4 a little walk. i snuck out the backdoor feeling the cool nite breeze as i took the first steps. i went 2 the front and decided 2 go to the park nearby. i could feel the water seeping through my shoes as i was walking on the wet and green grass. i sat on the first bench i saw and i just sat there looking up at the velvet sky. 2nite was a full moon and the stars shined brite. then out of no where i hear a little rustling of the leaves behind me. there was no wind 2nite it was supposed 2 be all clear. as i turned around whatever it was suddenly leaped and landed on me as we fell 2 the cold pavement. i was thrusting and pushing but nothing i did would get this thing off of me. and as i was about 2 scream i felt a very cold and hard mouth press against my neck. then all i could think about was the terrible pain!! after that i started 2 go consious. soon everything went black.
Edward, those eyes! man ! i never had a chance. Not that i needed one !
I was not bitten am a hybreed

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