Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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Alice bit me :)
I'm a distant relative of hers, a few generations down the line. She was on a trip back to her native town when she had a vision of me being killed. I had just been attacked by group of young men and left for dead in the forest close by. Lice found me in time and saved me :) Because I didn't have much time, Alice did what Edward did to Bella in Breaking Dawn and injected the venom straight into my heart. She saved my life and now live with her and the rest of the Cullen's in Forks. Although we have to move on soon. We're thinking Canada, but Alice wants to go to Russia for some reason. I know, random little Pixie... But she's family, like the rest of the Cullen's, and she saved me from death so I trust her with my life. You gotta love Alice... :D
omg...Jasper or Edward...eee...i dont now..
I'm Going To Say Edward Cullen Bit Me
ahhhhhh.... I was born vampire so no one, but i was born in Forks.... duh
Edward bit me, and he bit me on the neak. Lol
Edward Cullen !<3
Emmett bit me.......................he bit me on my tounge(sp?)...........Dont ask....... its a LONG story.
Edward did it he is so fit
Wasn't bit Mommy (Alice) & daddy (Jasper) found me right next to my dead real mommy.

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