Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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Emmett, and where? Oh that's easy! In my bedroom ;)
EDWARD of course
Edward of course :)
Edward. I'd rather not share where...
Edward duh, but I wont mind if Carlisle steped in, unlike bella I didn´t heasitate when he asked for my hand!
emett all the way and lol can't say too x-rated haha
Bella, because no one else has said her, and she makes a fricking amazing vampire <3
I can tell you who but not where ; ) Jasper Hale!!
i dont remember human memories very well, but he looked mature and i could see is lovely golden, blonde hair with the moonlight shining down upon us. the pain was excruciating. i begged him to kill me, but he refused. everytime i screamed in pain he said. "im sorry, it will be over soon."

So, all i really remember is that i was walking home, and i was shot in the chest. i was loosing alot of blood, and i knew i would die soon, when all of a sudden something sharp dug into my throat.

i was in pain for 2 days. Carlise explained everything when i came through.

thanks for reading. xoxo
Edward did.. but it wasn't just one bite.. it was a series of small very sexy and sensuous nibbles. 1st on my ear lobe, then down my neck... a couple of times.. on my lip, long my arms.. down my waist.. then my inner thigh.. and well the rest is between us.. yuuuummmmmy.. ha ha
Edward of course

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