Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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My hubby Edward did on our 7th date!!!
I;d choose Carlisle to Turn me because he's so caring and compassionate.
Edward does it better! *.* He bit me because I was clumsier than Bella, and so he was scared. He said me. "You're an unconventional army. I have to turn you, or you could put the world in danger".
James and Edward. He also broke my leg, and threw me
against the wall. Edward sucked the venom out of me.
............Edward of cooure and he bit me on the neck we met in the well....... u guy all already saw it in the movie i'm glad i didn't end up hating him like he hated me in the beggining but i least i know it was from wanting me so much aaahhhXD
yay fate lol
Alice Cullen!
Alice. It took a while before she did so.
I was shopping to drown my gloominess, when this beautiful, tiny, bubbly girl asked me what was wrong. I hesitated to respond but to my surprise, I felt the urge to talk to someone, and she looked like she was willing to hear. After I elucidated my life at that moment, she invited me to shop at this department store with the latest fashion. We became very good friends and after a while, I gain knowledge of what she was.
It was not soon after she made me one of them. I was 29.
Emmett Cullen!!!
it was alice of esmes island
I would have to say Carlisle. One look into those beautiful eyes and I threw myself in front of the on coming traffic just so he could save me. LOL.
we were wrestling and got a lil too carried away ;-)
Alice or Edward ...
I don´t know exactely ... one of them bit me and the another one a good friend of mine.
It all happened so fast, but we are happy that it happened :D

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